Strain ID from bud?

A friend harvested a strain I’m trying to ID. Its amazing… Strong smell like from 20ft away… Very nice smell not a bad odor…starts out slow then keeps going for a while…any thoughts? I hear gorilla glue alot but not sure…I’m a little careful to send a pic… Its light green and milky to very light amber. Mostly white or glass fuzzy like.

Just about impossible.

But send me some and I’ll give you my input. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Several opinions would be better than one. Send me over some as well.


I grew gorilla glue this season, smelt quite strong and like diesel

I think @Hungrybud needs some imo

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True that!

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That’s funny!!! Lol…

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Only way to get some what an idea is to see it. Smell it smoke it.

Why are you hesitant to post a picture? Lol there’s hundreds of pictures of plants.

You’d be lucky to ID it without one, they all sound the same when you describe them.

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Good point …

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Looks like cannabis to me.

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