Strain help:low,auto, & aphrodisiac


I’m just starting and will be growing outdoors. I’m looking for a strain that would be auto flowering and short. I’m also wondering if any of these might also have an aphrodisiac quality.


Any good weed is an aphrodisiac for me. :grin:



Lol, that should do it.

Seriously, I believe all weed has some aphrodisiac quality to it. :slight_smile:


what is that strain?


Amnesia Haze Auto . Check out Amnesia Haze Auto {1st time auto } . I just harvested it and its drying .


@Growstarter check out leafly they break down desired traits such as an aphrodisiac …
start out by looking up Pink Panties, see what that brings up…lol


i’m looking for an auto flower from here thats low/short. Sure wish we could filter on that. I’ve heard that white widow is short, however, when I looked at it it was listed as up to 72 inches (or so).

What would people recommend for a short strain that’s fairly decent and is autoflowering from here?

Appreciate everyone’s help here - I realize I can use LST technique to assist, but would like to leave it outside and forget it.

Any ideas?


Lowryder is probably the smallest listed, but kind of weak for my liking (14% thc). Indicas will be shorter and bushier than the Sativas. The white widow autos I grew got to about 24" high (+/- 6") in a tent…


sure you could lst them @Growstarter
pull the limbs down closer to the ground using stakes and either string or cloth…


@Seeddog were do you put the batteries ? rofl%5B1%5D


bawahahaha @Sasquatch, if that does not work one could always use it as a club…lol


This is my first time growing autos and I made the mistake of starting them in small pots then transplanting them to larger 3 gallon when they were about 2" tall . [ Note : always start auto in their forever pots . ] In doing so I may have disrupted the roots when I moved them and made them grow dwarfed in size . I grew 3 Amnesia Haze Autos , one was 14" tall the other two are 20" tall and will be harvested in a few days . I’m not sure if this is normal for AHA . Maybe someone else that has grown this strain would give us some insight on their height at harvest .


@Growstarter In ILGM plant height description it says AHA is " Compact " . To all please be careful in commenting on the size and shape of my plant as I would hate to see anyone get in trouble here on this wonderful forum . By the way , I did name the plant Richard Weed .


Without looking at each strain again, I believe all the autos say compact in size. But what is considered compact? 3’ or less? The size of any of the autos will be directly related to each growers style.


got the decision down to Lowryder or white widow.
Any preferences out there?


i have not tried lowrider ,but white widow is some pretty good stuff…


white widow is 10 + 10 free, and is more potent than the low rider. So that right there would make my choice easy…


great point @Ron330, that would settle it for me! lol