Strain Genetics

Just wondering if the genetics /parentage are available for each of your strains? I know that the same strain is available from different breeders, but sometimes will have slightly different genetics.

I know for some of the more common strains that Seedfinder provides parentage, so I can look there. However, some of your strains, i.e. Gold Leaf, is a private label. It would be nice to know what the parentage is.

Also, I have an interest in obtaining strains that are as close to a “landrace” as possible. Also, OG strains often have different nutrient requirements, so it would be good to know if your strains have OG blood in them.

Thanks. ILGM is a great site with great products, valuable grow information as well as support!


Oh man I completely agree, I would love to see some landrace seeds in the shop! I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to know the parentage of Gold Leaf! Great post @medmanmike!

I got a Himalayan Gold seed I’m going to germinate soon!

you guys are lucky with all the seed choice, I am lucky just to get seeds after buying them
If my current state dosnt hurry up I am moving :slight_smile:

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I agree on trying to find out strain lineage. I am always on seedfinder checking out all the seeds to see where the strains started and came from. Even without lineage the Gold Leaf kicks ass. Great job Robert.