Strain for fighting prostate cancer

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Can you recommend a strain for fighting prostate cancer?

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Sorry to hear about your cancer. I’m not sure if a particular strain is more effective then others but it is the THC in the plant that helps with the cancer. I am also fighting cancer and have been using edibles everyday for 2 months now. I have not been to the doctor to see if its working yet but I feel better.

Maybe @Ragnar would know. He has been treating cancer patients.

Good Luck


That would be great if I would be able to actually treat cancer patients…but I only make tinctures or oils based on their request…mainly CBD coconut oils…
So unfortunately I dont have an answer, but thorough online research should give this patient some clues…
Wish all well and Godspeed !!!


But do you get feedback from these people on whether it worked or not and what type of cancer they have. @Ragnar

Ok, I will share some of my experiences…but I cant recommend any …I am not a doctor !
CBD alone does pretty much nothing in your body unless it is accompanied with at least a trace amount of THC, as thc is needed for cbd to be delivered to cells…
Thats why hemp derived cbd is maybe good to help put infants to sleep, but thats all…

Thats why strains like Charlottes web with CBD over 15% and THC around 0.3 % are around …

Other thing I can say is that my father in law is successfully beatin blood cancer with 6:1 thc : cbd sativa ratio…

Its s journey for everyone to discover what works for each case…

I wish all folks well !!


Look up Rick Simpson
Hope you find a healthy treatment option

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Hi I’ve been making and taking Rick Simpson oil since February of 2017 it’s a slow n steady process. I had 4 tumors ranging from .07cm - .03 cm all gone! I also had a 2.7 cm on my splene shrunk and gone. I’ve been using King Louis and Galactic cookies which have worked well! I need to increase potency does anyone have any ideas?

Happy to hear the turn around in your health @Catfish
I am not sure about how to make the oil more potent may be try heavy indica strains
I know King Loui is a pretty heavy indica and gallactic cookies I have never heard of but it sounds like a GSC strain and I know these are also medical grade strains. I know that Rick Simpson reccomends the heaviest indica you can fine to make the oil from as they usually have higher cbd cbg cbn and often also high in thc as compared to a sativa strain which would likely be predisposed to high thc while lower in cbd cbn…etc.
Does anyone else have any suggestions
@Ragnar @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971

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Very well said, there are some very potent strains these days, but you can never go wrong with original blueberry…

Why not just eat more cookies or eat them more often, if you want to up the dose? You have a very good known dose there that works.