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Just wondering about the descriptions of the Ilgm strains. “Flowers” 8,9, 10 weeks etc. is this from germination, from veg ? Is this elapsed time to when the plant starts flowering phase or end of it i.e time to harvest.


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That’s from when they go into flower roughly

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The descriptions all pertain to the photoperiod version of the strain. When it says whatever number of weeks it’s that many weeks of flowering.

The product descriptions on the Autos aren’t specific to autos. It’s like someone takes the photo description and does a find and replace for the term White Widow with White Widow Autoflower when it’s time to make that product description. The description for each auto also includes a little blurb that autos take 10 weeks. Ok that’s fair but it is strain specific and that information is clearly not. The flowering times listed for the Autos are identical to the photos and that’s not really accurate. It’s also hard to understand if you’re not aware of this and you’re shopping… it’s like autos need about 4 weeks of veg and then they start to flower and then we know they flower faster than their photo counterpart… so yeah the info for autos is pretty badly inaccurate

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Estimation on how long it should take from when the plant starts flowing until it’s ready to harvest.

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Im not sure about the new site but the auto description usually says this info is from photo versions . But autos are to wily to nail a seed to harvest time but usually 10-14 weeks is the norm

@Pdaddy Welcome aboard! Very knowledgeable folks here, and willing to help.

Remember,the plant tells you when it is ready to harvest. Recommendations are nice and all…Get your microscopic loupe ready to examine the glands-even then,folks choose differently-clear trichomes, somewhat cloudy,and amber.

Have fun,and happy growing!

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I get it and I’m not complaining because we know this stuff already but I do see how it could help a newbie to have some better strain info on the autos since it seems like that’s what every noob is growing.

That’s just the marketing guy in me speaking though.

Not including veg ,Photos Flower time 8-10 weeks autos from seed to harvest 10 weeks

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Not true on autos. I have an auto going now its almost 10 weeks flower and it flowered after about 30 to ew days so not 10 weeks from seed to harvest. I dont think i had any autos go under 9 or 10 weeks flower time. Autos run the same as photos but are a bit more sensative. Photos are like a male in life harty can take a beating train well and listen. Autos are like a woman on her period u get wjat they give out to u and ur lucky if u get a good harvest withoit any problems. Autos are a bit finicky but i still enjoy growing them. The bud comes out alot softer buds than the photos do so if u r wanting some rock solid buds u will want to switch and get photos. Autos feel solid as hell when on the tree but get way loose and airy when dried. Not saying its like u got a rock that turned to cotton but they wont stay as firm as photo buds do. If u dont have a loupe just watch the pistils when they look like they all receided and not showing as much is when she is ready to go. Most plants u see like half to 3 auarter inch pistils at start and when harvest most pistil ull see about a 16th or and eighth of an inch sticking out because the calyx swelled around it. Good luck happy growing.


Flowering time. You can veg for as long as you want and have space for. I generally veg for a month then flip the switch

You are doing photos correct?

Oh, wow thought it would be a straightforward answer!
Glad I’m not the only one perplexed by this.

Yes, was thinking a bout doing Autos. The flowering period isn’t a showstopper at all, just curious and wanted to be informed!

Both take 8-10 weeks to flower. The difference is a auto flowers veg and bud at the same time where photos have to make a big hormonal change to switch. Doing the experiment at the moment. Auto vs photo vegged for 35 days from sprout. Auto finished in total of 85 days (8 weeks flower) the photos in 95 days (9 weeks flower) with a few going 10-14 days longer. That was the first round. The second round is looking similar.
Auto advantages= yield for such a short veg, no light worries
Photo advantages= potency, quality, clone, predictable

Well that what I read I guess those are the professional standards, just like all the other stats that are crazy as well

So I guess ultimately my question is , I’m around week 11 (from germination) of growing a critical mass CBD auto. The trichomes have been cloudy for a while now, no amber. The pistils have turned brown and receded.

Should this be ready by now ?