Strain choices?

Hello and thanks for any input I receive. I have been growing for yrs from bagseed. I am new to growing specific strains. I am looking for one that will thrive in N. Florida climate. I germ, seedling and 1st few weeks of veg indoors under CFL. I am looking for input on which strain will deal with the extreme temps and humidity levels here. I just moved here and have no idea which will hold up. The soil is very sandy and salinity is high. Again thanks for any input or advice.

Hello and welcome I just happen to know someone who might have some input? @FloridaSon

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@Paranorman, you beat me to it haha


Hi @in2u4ia and welcome to ILGM forum, the greatest forum on earth for learning cannabis growing and much more :grinning:

Super Silver Haze is known to be a mold resistant strain.

What concern me is the high salinity soil, @latewood @MacGyverStoner @Aquaponic_Dumme @Hammer @Majiktoker @FloridaSon and surely other experience growers will be more helpful than me here, by tagging them, I am sure you’ll get a more extensive choices of strains :grinning:

Hoping that’s gone a be helpful in2u4ia…

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Welcome to the forum, neighbor! I’m down about 30mins South of Gainesville near the Ocala National Forest.

Most Sativa dominant strains will do well in our climate. An Indica will do ok, but I like to have those in a site that gets filtered light during the hottest part of the day.

Chocolope is supposed to be well suited for us. Durban Poison will do well too. Search for traits that you like and everyone here will do their best to get you to the best smoke you’ve ever had! :wink:

I also like autos because we can get an outdoor harvest during the Summer. I know @Mudduck also lives here and may be closer to you than I am. He’s North of Gainesville.

Tag me anytime and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able. I tend to be off and on during the day. Tagging me like I did Mudduck will get my attention as I check notifications first.

Thanks @Paranorman for introducing me to another neighbor. I’m sure more will come out with the laws changing here now…


Thanks a ton. I have a couple locations scoped out. No activity to speak of other than guard dogs in the form of gators and cottonmouth snakes. Lol
I am up by Jacksonville.
I don’t even smoke. I grow enough for my wifes medicine 1-2g a day and give the rest away. I just enjoy growing it.


Make sure you plant above flood level. Also check the soil, unless you’re growing in containers. Swamps tend to run very acidic with all the decomposition that takes place.

My dad grows monsters south of Middleburg, two miles from Camp Blanding. Not as much salt to deal with in the ground, but the climate is the same and he grew the best I’ve ever had!

His Bubblegum was AMAZING