Strain choices for soil grow

Looking for some recommendations on strains too grow. I use fabric pots, Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farm Nutrients. Led lights with limited hight for growth. My grow technic has been to train to 3-4 tops and lolly pop.

Welcome to the community. You are likely to get as many strain choices as people responding. Research the differences between indicas and sativas, as well as terpine profiles of the various strains to achieve your desired effect. Are you looking for relief from insomnia and stress relief? An indica would be a good choice. If you are looking for a more active buzz then a sativa might be the one for you.

The one specific suggestion I have is to go with photos versus autos. Contrary to popular belief, autos are not easier to grow. Autos have their fans, but they can be hard to train, they are more sensitive to high nute levels, and they can be twitchy.


Bonus for easy cloners

First, welcome to the community :wave:

If you have a limited growth space, indicas stay short and bushy. If you plan on topping a indicia, I would go higher, top at the 6-7 node.

If you are also looking for something easy to clone that also stays short Barney’s Farm Runtz Muffin is stupid easy to clone.