Strain choice for new Auto grower

Greetings. I’m ready to start an Auto grow and selected Northern Lights by ILGM as my first auto flower strain to try. At the time of selection, I was most interested in a low odor plant and found NL to be reported among the lowest odor strains. I also discovered, depending on the phenotype I end up with, my choice may not be the fast producer I had come to believe Auto plants may all be. One reviewer said this plant (depending on genetics and phenotype) could take 120 days pop to crop. This timeline is getting close to what I expect from photo plants, so I feel unsure about my selection.

Since my decision, I have upgraded my indoor system to include a carbon filter inside the tent to control odors. I’m hoping the filter will aide me with a discrete grow.

Going forward, I want to experiment with other Auto strains that are faster growing…Quick One and LowRyder both came up in searches. Since I have odor control in place, the smell of a strain is not as critical as once was. If anyone has suggestions of good (fast) autos to try, I’d appreciate the input. I realize yield is likely to be low with fast plants, so any feedback is welcomed as I plan my next grow. Thanks!

Here is a link to fast flowering ILGM seeds:

Select a particular strain. On the web page for that strain, place your mouse over the green bar graph next to the words “FLOWERTIME INDOOR” and you will see the flower time. Keep in mind this is an optimistic time that applies to a perfect grow. Count on yours taking a couple of weeks longer.

Note: Northern Lights is one of the fast flowering strains. I’m growing some right now and the colas are growing noticeably daily.

Regarding the grower who said it could take 120 days… there are a hundred variables (vendor, genetics, environment, etc.) that could make this happen with any grow/strain.


Thank you for the great tip to hold the mouse over the flowering time bar. I just tried that and see a very optimistic 56 Day Flowering time. Am I correct to assume that we add 4 weeks or 28 days to that flower time to allow for the veg phase?

If this makes sense to add the two together and come up with 84 days, I’ll assume under good (non-stressed) conditions, I may be looking at the harvest in close to 90 days give or take?

my experience with Northern Lights to get finished 15 to 16 weeks also Time Wise how much Amber you’re looking for. Solid very sticky buds. Good luck

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Yes, but may is the key word there. A realist might consider something more like 90-180 days. I myself would lean toward the latter end of that scale. The best advice I can give you is - do as much reading here as possible so that you give your plants the best treatment possible. They will reward you in return.

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Totally agree. I read somewhere that the harvest time estimates from breeders and seed banks are often 1 - 2 weeks more conservative and shorter than may be realistic. I suppose less than optimum growing conditions add to the harvest, plus some folks like the product more “ripe” than others. I like my trichomes to be totally milky with no clear ones, plus I like a few to be turning amber. My preference could add a week or more to other’s choices to harvest when the trichomes are all glassy clear.

With that said, have you grown an auto that was a faster harvest than others?

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Here my northern light auto! Harvested 8.5 Oz and took 14 weeks probably still could have had another week, 400 watt hps, 12 12 hours from seed in 5 galon pot, lol yes they stink really bad there is no non smelling weed unless it’s garbage in my opinion. .probably one of my more pungent plants