Strain choice dilemma

i am looking for an indica strain that keeps you relaxed,in good mood makes you laugh and allows you to go to sleep after you smoke the last one at night.
what should i buy from ilgm?

Out of our strains, I would have to guess you would probably want one of our strains that has maybe higher CBD and is indica dominant, if you wan’t it to be extra relaxing and maybe sleep inducing.


ok…which one?you know i respect your opinion 100%

It is hard to choose, lol, but if you want the sleepiest, I’d have to guess Cheese, but everyone does seem to react to different strains in their own individual way.


yeah i know what you mean,i am very energetic by nature so this is why i am looking for something specific like that.
thanks Mac

Just an additional thought. You can make almost any indica make you “couch-lock” but like MacG says, High CBD is one thing to look for. Also. when you get to the end of the grow, let your trichomes on your plants turn all amber. That makes it more of a sleepy time smoke. Take Care. Jerry

i am already at this stage of flowering in my current grow and wait exactly for what you just said so i can harvest the right moment.
and MacG is right…at this stage days seem like weeks but one thing i have learnt since i started reading,trying to learn things and growing the wrong way for a year now is to be PATIENT and this what i do
thank you!