Strain and ceiling height?

Hi everyone-
I would like to purchase Robert’s Gold Leaf strain, but it says heights could reach 89" and I have 7’ ceiling height. After buckets and lights take some height away, can I still grow this strain in this room? Thank you…

I beleive that you can control hieght to some degree. A plant in a 30 gallon pot will acheive much higher growth, due to the ability for the roots to expand a lot further, than say, a 3 gallon pot, where the pot size will limit the size of the plant. (I use cloth / smart pots, which will allow air pruning or roots, so you do not have to worrie about plants becomeing root bound.

Also, you can train the plants through various techniques, e.g. topping, FIMing, LST, super-cropping, and such, will casue the plant to grow out over a wider canopy, as opposed to just straight up into the air.

I believe that those, as well as other environeemtnal factors will control the height of a plant. A plant growing outside in an environment like California, growing with direct exposure to the southern, I beleve, sky will produce massive plants. Keeping some of the same strain in a three gallon pot in a New York apartment, under CFL’s, will produce a very different plant.

Thank you LeStat, I appreciate your time and attention…

Glad to help. :slight_smile: I hope it goes well for you. Robert has some great genetics on his seed selection. I’m sure you’ll be happy with his seeds.

I’ve ordered from the site once, and it was a hassle-free, very positive experience.