Straight from the horse's mouth

What do y’all think about this? Taking from GH FaQ

My water is chlorinated — is this a problem?

Chlorine is highly volatile; it evaporates as soon as it hits the air. By the time the nutrient solution reaches the roots, the chlorine is gone.

Never heard of such


How they keep that chlorine in a pool?

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Different types of Chlorine…water systems typically use Chlorine Dioxide become gaseous - read unstable, Pools use Calcium Hypochlorite, a water soluble salt/mineral - read stabilized.


Yeah I trust that statement not at all

I can smell and taste the chlorine in ore unfiltered tap water for a while

I use filtered water to at least try to get most contaminates out


The pool part was kinda a joke but thanks for learnin me a little extra.
I don’t remember what chlorine gas we used at the water company. To many years ago. But the slightest bit let loose would take ALL of your breath. Was hard to work with as a youngin.
I still and probably always “cook” my water off b4 using.


Its a superoxidizer, it will corrode even 304/316 SS

Most definitely, nasty scat

They didn’t use that for barrel bombing in Syria because it smells like roses

Dangerous shite for sure

Upside is … after it burns your lungs out and your skin off, you’ll be sanitized!

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Sounds like Trumps plan to eradicate COVID

“Inject a little chlorine here, shove a UV light up in there, you all better now!”

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Chlorine will off gas but its not going to happen that quickly. Most leave it sit out for 24 hrs before use and yes the Chlorine is bad for your plants.


Sodium hypochlorite or chloramine, an ammonia chlorine mix basically, are the two major chlorine additives used in tap water. There are others as well but these two are usually the most cost effective. If they evaporated as soon as they’re exposed to air they’d be pretty much worthless for potable water. Chloramine is used for it’s longer residual time even though it has to be used at a higher rate.

Sodium Hypochlorite for pools…

I’ma just stick to 5 gal at a time with airstone 48 hrs covered with towel.
Winter time bring it inside and add a day. Don’t think I’ve ever had any problems but just found the statement a bit off. I see y people struggle. So much criss cross info.

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I had a concrete pool I primarily used the Calcium Hypochlorite version, Sodium Hypochlorite is basically household bleach I used for Pool Shock.

That’s correct, It’s used as household bleach. It’s what most municipals use in treating potable water, different concentrations. Yes, it has multiple uses, even cleaning toilets. But it’s still used to chlorinate potable water. Also household bleach is recommended for emergency treatment of drinking water by the EPA.

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I am not drinking water that I put bleach into if that’s what it saying. :joy:. Not here :laughing::laughing: I’ll stick with the ro system

I don’t think ro water is good to drink over time unless minerals are put back in. If you’ve ever drank municipal tap water there’s pretty good chance you have already drank bleach.


I do have the filter that adds some back. Kids and wife and I drink bottled water or gallons bought from store ro is for the plants lol. I was reading that it’s not good to drink it always because it’s not good for the bones first off as there is nothing in it. If I make Kool aid I use mostly to and add some tap to it but not alot as tap makes it taste different

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