Storing water with nutrients left in?

Hello I have a question trying to get a response. Is it ok to let my water sit with nutrients in it?been 6 days. I made 5 gal only used 3. Also I use a gallon per plant roughly if I’m mixing a five gal jug does that mean each plant is getting what it need from the gallon of water? Sorry new to the grow world…

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Try not to mix more than you will use in 2-3 days. If you adjusted pH it will need it again after 4-5 days. If you do have it mixed for days you need to keep it moving, pump, wave maker, air pump. Wouldn’t use it if it’s been stagnant.


I find when i use Mantis Buffered Nutrients I can mix up a gallon and use it over several days. As long as i put it in the fridge so it doesn’t sit any longer than 2 days. But also before i use it again i shake it really well to mix it all up again. But if you refrigerate it let it sit out for a bit so its not ice cold on your roots.

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Thanks fellas I am just going to use a gallon at a time. Each plant takes about a gallon.


I mix 30 gallons of nutrients a week and keep in a 35 gallon reservoir.
I have 2 wave makers in there to help mix the nutrients in there 24 hours a day.
I do check the ph daily as it does go up after a day or two.
Good luck and happy growing.

Thank you