Storing seeds over the winter

Where is the best place to store seeds over the winter and what kind of container? My seeds will be arriving in a couple of weeks. I got a deal on them! When should I pot them and put under 24/7 grow light, I’ll be planting outside end of May if it’s warm enough.

I put them in something to block light and then put in a ziploc bag then put in fridge Current plants seed was in fridge for 5-6 months I’ve heard they’ll keep for years and years , but six months is all I have personal experience with.


Thanks, I have some black material I’ll wrap around them. Seeds can be touching each other?

Sure Ilgm seeds are good. I just got an order and put two in a wet napkin and ziploc bag for a day and two sprouts popped

I store mine in an old medicine bottle with dry rice to prevent moisture, and put in the fridge.


like a brown one?

Yeah, I just used an old one from the pharmacy, always wash out of course. Just always heard dark cool temperature best for seeds. A,fridge is the best we’ll got for that ain’t it?

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I have and extensive seed collection, I find that film containers are great! They are black and with a few grains of rice, store in refrigerator. I have the original Jack Herer seeds I bought in 2001 and the two seeds planted last grow, popped out of the dirt in 3day’s! As long as you keep them dry and in cool dark place. Mike


Can all you experts tell me the easiest way to harvest? I don’t have many buds and have never harvested before. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools and things.

I got some fiskars micro tip scissors I think it’s called Cut stalk trim leafs around buds then hang for three days in dark Then trimmed stalk so I just had buds and out those in layers of shredded paper bags in a larger paper bag. And put away and open daily stir it a bit for a week or more. Thennnn put in a mason jar in the dark. Opened that every day for a few weeks. Oops missed the expert part.

Hiya, moved the topic to the seeds section :smiley:

Thank you, I’ve been watching utube video’s and reading all the information I can here. Watching how it’s actually done is helpful but there seems to be lots of ways. I worry about not getting it dry enough and getting moldy in the mason jar. The paper bag shredded up sounds easy enough, do you store the mason jar in the dark while curing too?

I already have 2 or 3 of the Fiskars micro tip scissors, just had them sharpens a couple weeks ago. Never dreamed I’d be using one for my buds! I sew!


Light degrades THC. From harvest to consumption, mine stay in the dark. They only see enough light to check the drying, breathe while curing(thinking about doing that in the dark as well) and then as I take what I want.

Once cured, I use a pint jar to pull my smoke from. The rest stays in quart jars in a bottom drawer. That limits the light my buds are exposed to.


I put it in a drawer. After jar curing I just keep it in the jar.

My question above was also about drying and knowing if it was dry enough. Putting it in mason jars and it getting moldy. Remember I’m a first timer, 71 year old granny. There is so much to learn and I’m so busy taking orders for sewing. It’s easier just asking you experts, thank you guys! I’m never used pot before, 1st time about 3 months ago and WOW, my migraines are gone all day!

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Everyone has their favorite method. I can tell you how I do it…

I cut my branches and hang them(upside down) in a cool, dark and well ventilated area. For me, it’s a closet in the spare room with the door cracked open. I make sure a fan is running to keep the air moving.

I leave all the leaves on because I use the fan leaf as an indicator of dryness. Once I am able to lift the leaf, and it easily breaks away from the branch, I remove all fan leaves. I let all the sugar leaves remain for now.

Since I’m not quite sure I’m using correct terminology, I will explain the difference as I understand it. The fan leaves are the ones with the long stems which originate at each branching site. The sugar leaves are the smaller, shorter stemmed leaves that originate from the buds themselves.

Once I am able to bend a bud from the branch and it cracks, instead of just bending, I trim the rest of the leaves and cut all the buds from the branches, into a paper bag.

I roll the buds a couple of times a day by gently tossing them over themselves until I see good, loose separation (while there is still moisture in the buds they will stick to each other as they settle). This will help ensure air is getting to all the buds as they continue their slow process of drying. Well, slow to me! :wink: Agonizingly s-l-o-w! Lol

When the entire outside of the bud feels dry, I place them in quart mason jars with new lids. (This is usually when I rush things and grab a sample. I don’t recommend this if you are able to wait until the end of the cure. I’m unable. :smiling_imp:)

Twice a day I will open the jars for about 15-20 minutes for a couple of weeks. After that I only let them breathe once a day for another week. I let them sit longer when I can see that moisture takes longer to build up. Usually by 45-60 days they will be fully cured.

Keep in mind that the entire process should be kept cool and dark. Others could tell you what optimum humidity would be. I’m not that sophisticated with mine yet.

I hope this is helpful. Others can describe their own process and then you could decide which method would be best for you.

Enjoy your grow. You will be satisfied with smoking your own…


What he said. lol

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Great explanation @FloridaSon!

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Thank you both. It just goes to show how much this forum has helped me. I came to improve the little that I knew. I’ve learned much more than I bargained for.

For that, I thank everyone here by trying to help others as well. Nice to be able to help as well as being helped.