Storing my one lonely bean

Got my ww auto seed yesterday.

Came in an envelope like what seeds usually come in. (Imagine that). Not a clear baggie with a label like I see so many others here.

I left in said envelope and put in a room temperature 70ish dark place

Won’t be growing for at least a month id say. Is that good, I’m thinking I might should inspect it to make sure it was not damaged

Cool dry dark environment is what I’ve seen. Do you concur? I can add rice or silica pack if you think that helps

Cool dry and dark is fine for a month.

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Ok thanks. I typed this already so I’m not ditching it now lol

Edit: I opened it. Could not help myself. It looks like a pot seed alright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Exactly as I remember them. It is small but I’ve been told size does not matter. Anyway all jokes aside, cool dark and dry, right. Baby food jar, silica pack just cause I have one and in a drawer that stays closed, sound safe?

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Sounds good. For long term storage you can use a sealed container and put it in the freezer, works great for me.

Good luck with the growing

I just leave my seeds in film jars in my sock drawer where its dark dry and safe. As long as they dont get hott ass temps wet moist at all they should be good left alone in the bags.

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What’s a film jar?

pre digital pictures. Think Kodak. Rolls of film would come in usually black plastic container with snap on lids.

Oh ok thanks

I just started an ILGM Northern lights auto seed that was in a gun safe in a mini ziplock for 2 years. She popped 24 hours after soaking in water and is currently a very healthy girl. I think you should be good for as long. Just keep it in the dark at room temp sealed from moisture.:blush::v: