Storing in 1qt jars?

Guess my question is how full can I fill the jar, and do I leave bovada packs in for the long term storing. Oh also can they be stored in dark cabinet in mildly heated/cooled garage? Or should they be kept in regulated house temps. Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a great work week!!

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I use 1 quart jars. After buds are cured, boveda packs stay in my jars until empty. I generally still burp my jars once a week or so. I usually put an oz in each jar but you could put 1 1/2 in quart jars with no problem. I like to be able to shake the jars to toss the buds a little.


Cool thanks for the info, pretty much what I thought but kept 2nd guessing

2 qt wide mouth are what I like to use easy hand access


Makes sense, thank you sir!