Storing cannabis

Hi all, have a question:

I got my harvested plants/buds curing in jars about a month. How long can I keep this years batch?

I don’t know if I will grow next year so I’d like to know how long is it safe to keep my stash until it starts to get old or bad or too dry or whatever.


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get boveda packs. 62% RH and stick 1 in each jar to keep the humidity up so they dont dry out


Thanks, @jt123, that’s great :grinning:

How long can I keep them in a jar, up to a year? That would be sufficient.
Is it basically about not to let them dry out,

Can you add a little sliver of orange peel?

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I hear some say it gets better with aging like a fine wine or a nice lady


You can but that would mean opening your jars to replace peel. The 62% packs will last years if jar isn’t opened and closed and will keep it at perfect humidity. Sealed, harvest can be stored for years, as long as they are kept in a dark place, light deteriorates trics.

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I have brown glass jars. Anybody know if the color of glass of jar makes a diffrrence? I’m looking at getting cobalt jars, or black glass jars

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Dark is good, blocks tric damaging light.

Who u calling a trick? Lol no …

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Amen to that :two_hearts: @basementstealth I agree :point_up:

Thanks all for replying, got 2 jars I want to keep…and 5 I dip into :blush:
Anyway, ordered the Boveda packs on Amazon