Storing buds long term

Once your bids are cured properly, what’s the best way to store your buds and how?

I will often store my buds in a glass Mason jar with the lid to keep it sealed from the atmosphere. I sometimes will put boveda 62% relative humidity 2-way humidity control packet in the jar to maintain that humidity. It’s very similar to a cigar humidor that keeps cigars in the optimal moisture range. Not too dry, not too moist for maximum smoke-ablility :heavy_check_mark: Otherwise a Tupperware is my other go to. But we all know if you can’t seal it off from the atmosphere it will have humidity swings or get dried out. Hope this has helped!

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Yeh it helped for sure
Im curing my buds in glass jars and using the boveda packs to keep them at the right moisture level.
Have you had any experience in Cyrovacing buds in bags?

No I haven’t