Storing buds long term

Once your bids are cured properly, what’s the best way to store your buds and how?

I will often store my buds in a glass Mason jar with the lid to keep it sealed from the atmosphere. I sometimes will put boveda 62% relative humidity 2-way humidity control packet in the jar to maintain that humidity. It’s very similar to a cigar humidor that keeps cigars in the optimal moisture range. Not too dry, not too moist for maximum smoke-ablility :heavy_check_mark: Otherwise a Tupperware is my other go to. But we all know if you can’t seal it off from the atmosphere it will have humidity swings or get dried out. Hope this has helped!

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Yeh it helped for sure
Im curing my buds in glass jars and using the boveda packs to keep them at the right moisture level.
Have you had any experience in Cyrovacing buds in bags?

No I haven’t

Anyone using vacuum seal bags to store cured buds? Because they’re vacuum sealed, is there any need to use humidity packs? Or does it retain the moisture level it’s sealed with?

ANYONE GET MILDEW OR MOLD in vacuum sealed bags???

I store in mason jars in the dark, once cured now. It works for me, but takes more space than I’d like… so considering a vacuum sealer :man_shrugging:t2:

Grove bags


I’ve used a vaccuum sealer to seal around Ball jars.

I’ve also tried vacuuming raw weed. It compresses the flower significantly.

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The compression is part of what I don’t want… but no mold or moisture issues with the bud post sealing, say fir 3-6months? Or have you gone that long?

I’ve stored weed in Ball jars for up to 2 years. You just have to make sure that humidity is properly managed.

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Yeah, I’m leaning towards staying with them, or something similar.
Rubber seals can get dry and leak, or put out a smell, so no lever top jars.
Tupperware/Rubbermaid doesn’t remain air tight.

It’s the space and fragile nature of them that bothers me.

A buddy uses an OLD seal-a-meal, it seals air/watertight, and isn’t a vacuum… so it doesn’t deform the buds. That’s what I don’t like about vacuum, even though it preserves well.

I’ve got awhile to decide, hopefully, I’ll get some more input from Da Crowd

I use a vacuum sealer, and have had great success. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Buds in baggie
  2. Add a few drops of cigar humidor juice to one of the wife’s makeup remover pads
  3. Put pad and baggie (separately) in vacuum bag, push the air out
  4. Then I simply seal the vacuum bag without getting the opening in the vacuum tray.

I guess a Boveda would work at least as well. Here’s how it looks when I put the whole pack in my humidor:

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Thanks. So you’re sealing a ‘Weed bag‘ in a bag, with an ‘Rh pack’… and NOT sucking all the air out of the SAM bag??
It doesn’t look like your buds are highly compressed, which is good. And how long have you been able to successfully store in this?

Correct. I am simply putting the “humidifier”, and the closed baggie in the vacuum bag, Then I seal the vacuum bag without putting the opening in the little tray that causes the suction. So I have a controlled environment inside the vacuum bag. Get zero bud compression that way. Sure there’s a little air in the whole thing, but it is kept at humidity by the cigar juice.

And I’ve been successful for as long as I’ve had to be before I smoked it. :slight_smile:

But at least 4-5 months for some.

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