Storing and placement of seeds

Question: What is best for storage of purchased seeds? 10 plant grow each grow and have a 25 seed bank at this time. How long can seeds be stored? And best environment for continued viability while in storage?

Cold, dark, dry, and airtight. I keep seeds in a small mason jar in the freezer, best for long term seed storage.

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Thanks for the info.
Could use more info from freezer to germination. After that I’m fine.


They last a year or two then start to degrade, but I’ve grown seeds that were something like 12-14 years old with a third of them being good. They were all regular photoperiod seeds I don’t know if being autos or fem would have a difference. Regular seeds make stronger healthier plants the seeds could be better as well

Edit = sorry two thirds of the old seeds were good

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I pull seeds out of the freezer and place 1/2" inch deep into pre-moistened medium in solo cups and under a light and off they go.

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You may consider keeping a desiccant bag with the seeds to prevent any moisture from getting to the packages.