Store bought distilled water

Does anybody see a problem using distilled water from the grocery store I like it because I don’t have to monkey around with my PH I know it 7 but is that distilled water missing anything I need

If you use a major commercial nutrient like General Hydroponics and many others, they actually recommend using distilled or R/O filtered water. Most of these nutrients systems have all the macro and micro nutrients accounted for, so nothing will be missing. They also have a ton if supplements like cal-mag additives for plants like cannabis that are very hungry for these secondary nutrients. In this way you know that all the percentages are correct, where as with tap water, and especially hard water, you often will have exceptionally high calcium and maybe even very high iron levels, and especially in the case of iron, if some of these other nutrient salts gets too high, they can cause lock-out problems of other important nutrients like phosphorous or potassium.


cstching rain water in a 5 gallon bucket is great to used , but you still have to PH the rain water , but it’s not so hard like tap water . I like to used a gallon of natural rain water when feeding , and either distilled , RO water , or just plain tap water PH’d when watering in between feeding . Natural rain water has micro organism that can be helpful in organic soil for growing . It’s what plants used mainly in the natural habitat , so it can very helpful and the best thing about is , it’s Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee! !!!

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