Storage of product

Gurus of the great ILGM forum – what are your inputs on long term storage of the fruits of our labors?

I myself have always contained the cured product in containers of 1 - 2 oz and stored in a deep freezer until the need for consumption arises… In my past reads the main enemies of the THC molecule are light, air, and heat.

I do not feel that my practices destroys but slows the degradation of said molecule – wife sez otherwise.

GURU’s your guidance and input please .


I put mine in ball jars (half to 3/4 full) with one of these and store them in a cool, dark place. If the humidity in the jar drops too low I’ll put a drop of water or 2 in it or pop in a boveda 58% pack.

I don’t know that I would freeze it. It would be a problem in a self-defrosting freezer.

Light, heat, air, and too much or too little moisture can all cause problems. That’s my take on it.

I have extra room at my house… just saying.

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I store mine in glass jars. That I vent once a week once cured. I never have to store long term. When I say my wife and I smoke 3 oz a week I mean every bit of it. Keeping it stored is not a problem I have lol. Tho I’ve considered processing some of it into rosin or budder for storage.

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I freeze some, keep some drawers, keep some under the bed, wherever there is free space. I’ve never had an issue with freezing weed, quite the opposite in fact, keeps it quite fresh, degradation happens at a much quicker rate at room temp.


Makes total sense. Cold slows all metabolic process including decomp.

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Thanks Guru’s – I’ll continue to keep mine in the deep freeze – when I take my nuggets out they’re just like they were fresh cut before jarring when they thaw - MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM good !

Happy Growin - Happy Smokin