Storage of massive amounts of buds

Hi. what can I use to store lots of buds. i was using glass Mason jars, but this year I have more bud than Mason Jars.

what do you use to store your own?

someone told me turkey bags??

please help :slight_smile:

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5 gallon Home Depot buckets (Homers). They work very well for long term storage. We used to store boutique spirits at the distillery I worked at.

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May I ask when you say long term, how long?

how do you make a Home Depot bucket “air tight” ?

Turkey bag tied. In a second turkey bag tied. In some sort of vessel. I use large plastic totes. They hold about 15lbs.

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I’ve been using Grove bags for storing after drying. Has been working great.

i was thinking totes, but i was told the vessel has to be air tight?

thanks for the quick response

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You press that lid down and it’s airtight. We’ve stored alcohol for years in them with zero loss. They’re food-safe and do a great job. We had a member who grew in Massachusetts and harvested 16 pounds of Sour Diesel. That’s what he used and worked great! Store in a cool or cold place so plant material/THC doesn’t degrade.


Air tight would be best if you have the option. I have been using the tote methods for years and have never got a complaint. :wink:

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5 gallon food grade buckets with gamma seal lids.
I cured the bud in 1/4# grove backs about 3-4 weeks. Then loaded them into 5 gallon buckets and tossed in a couple 67g humidity packs and sealed them up.

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You can get pound bags from grove bags

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