Stopping LST or not?

When should I stop low stress training?
I have some Gorilla Glue Auto’s that are in week 4 and started flowering a couple of days ago.
I’ve been training them and have their canopies pretty much even. Should I unleash the bad girls?
First grow.

I typically continue through the stretch or until the branches start hardening off.


Thanks Bobby. First grow here, I’m unfamiliar with “through the stretch”.
So if the branches start hardening, will they be more difficult to bend?
Attached are a couple of pics for reference. :slight_smile:


Nice even canopy, looks good!

Thanks Man!

The plants will stretch for a few weeks as they start to flower. They will also start hardening off which makes it difficult to bend the branches without snapping them.

Thanks again for your help. I love this forum! People like you are so helpful. Couldn’t have gotten here with out everyones help.


i would keep lst as they stretch to open up light to buds

Thanks man! I’ll continue stretching to let the light in. makes sense!