Stopping feeding

How can I tell when it is time to stop feeding a week before harvest?

You don’t tell, but you flush a week minimal from harvest 2 weeks from harvest at most, for the cleanest taste and so no toxins are left behind in the root base

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with respect Majitoker, i dont think he was asking why to flush,…but rather, when.

and i think he answered his own question…the answer is a week (or so) before harvest.

knowing when to harvest is a completely different question.
for that you need to examine trichomes.

i think what you are asking unconcious, comes down to personal experience with whatever strain it is you are growing. if you had grown this strain before you would have noticed characteristics of plant.

if you dont have that specific knowledge, to sort make an educated guess when that moment comes (the week before perfect harvest time) than you have to make a sort-of-less educated guess.

if the strain youre growing has a known flowering time, for example 8 weeks or 65 days. than you can use that as a guideline and keep a close eye on trichomes at say, week 7’ish or day 57’ish.

if they appear to be close to where you want them,…then there ya go.

I’m telling him 60 days from my experience my friend and I respect your response, and i do agree about trichomes but you can also listen to people with experience with that strain lol no disrespect my friend

And 60 days is a indoor guideline for flowering jack herer

I was too vague with my question: I was asking how to know when I am one week from harvest. Are there indications that it is a week away, and if so, what are they? If I use the color of the hairs and 70% is optimal for harvest, what percentage would indicate one week away. Or alternatively, if I’m using trichome inspection, and I want maybe 25%-35% red trichomes( on the early side), what percentage should there be one week before?

Your hairs should be 1st least 50/65% changed only you can tell you when to harvest my friend but if say at least 50-65% hairs need to be changed as well as you need to get a jewlers loop with a 60x100 magnification so that way you can watch the trichomes as they start to approach the color you want

If no scope it’s when the pistal’s are 60% amber/brown - one want to harvest at 80% amber/brown

I’m at 54 days now and they are about 90% pure white, just a few red hairs. I’m on the fence as to whether to start the flush now . If they are likely to mature to readiness is about nine days, I would rather flush a little early rather than wait too long . What is the downside of stopping the nutrients too soon?

Down side to stopping to soon is you get deficiencies and ph goes down, so if you wait for those white hairs to change about another 45% before you officially start the flush, you should be in good hands

some hairs don’t change a lot so watching them isn’t as good as watching the resin sacs, the trichomes, with a 30x or 60x loupe magnifier.
impatience is an enemy now.
flushing early and stopping nutes early will lead to deficiencies if you have weeks to go, which is best judged with trichomes.
Majiktoker is right, wait…and buy a loupe, under $5.00 on ebay, get it in a week, unless shipped from China…so make sure it says shipped from the USA!
watch the flowers grow another week, you’ll be happy you did.


I like your response and yea they are 5-10$ in eBay and should have within the week of its from the usa

You really can’t always go by the color of the hairs. Mine were all brown and red, but the trichomes were just starting to get milky. It took about three weeks for the trichomes to turn milky and a few Amber, I like your saying.
“impatience is an enemy now.” This is so true.