Stopped/Stunted Growth

A couple of my White Widow plants have literally stopped growing. I have had both pH problems (which I have corrected),and Thrips. Conditions are 1000W MH lights, CO2 at 1500ppm, temps within range, using GH FloraDuo/Cali-Magic/Rapid Root and started adding Hydroguard (because I thought is could be root problems. All grown in 6" pots about 10" deep (for SOG method) Indoor grow room. Some of my girls have done fine, but a few including OG Kush and Bugglegum have had similar problems. Is their anything I can do to correct and get them growing again?

Pics to come here in a few.

Thanks in advance

Blow this up and it can help you get to the bottom of it

Hope it helps

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got it! Thanks! Still trying my friend!

Here’s another that might help once you get it blown up and get to read it

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