Stopped growng, drooping

A question from a fellow grower:

I made a greenhouse it’s made of 4 mil kind of barely see thru it’s about 6x10x6. it gets sun most of the day. I have three plants inside. I’m not sure of type of weed, but I started the grow in two gallon pots. they germinate and sprouted pretty fast and healthy. they have been transplanted into five gallon buckets still sprouted great they are about 3 feet tall now. I didn’t know about cutting or pinching at the time so nothing has been touched on the plants. they are about three feet tall and this is about the third and half month in the vegetive stage…

now to the question they have now stopped growing and are drooping and and have spots on them, but only on the middle and lower part of plant…I also just two weeks ago got me some miracle grow 15_30_15 I have used it twice and used only water today. there isn’t much on greenhouses in your book unless I overlooked it so can you help please thank you

A greenhouse grow requires excellent ventilation and constant tending to, due to environmental issues that may develop. It could be a combination of many issues. You either have to learn how to deal with these issues, or create a near perfect environment. It all depends on the size of your budget.

Please join forum, and start a topic using our “ILGM Support ticket”. that way we can give you an informed response as opposed to an informed guess.

I am a commercial greenhouse operator. I may be able to point you onto a couple of great suppliers.

That’d be great but I’ve built mine and the plants have now grown tall i got some nutrients for it but I do I have another question I’m about to start my first indoor grow and they talk about red lighting is great for plants would one of the hundred way red lights that I use for my snake work and how do I do support ticket to start forums or whatever they are called

Well, You evidently found the forums. Here you are. :smile:
Look in the top right hand corner. Click on Support. Click on beginner, and find a post called ILGM Support Ticket. Copy/Paste that to a new topic.

Another thing you need to do in order to get started, is; Download Free Grow Bible This will give you some idea of what it takes to grow successfully

As far as the 100 way lamp. I have no idea what this is. If you mean a LED lamp with 100 different color settings. I would have to question how powerful it was.

Sorry about that it’s a100watt red reptile light it’s meant for dry hot climates this is a picture and details I looked up to show you I really hope I’m not getting on your nerves just have questions because I want to do this next grow the best way possible thank you

That is a heat lamp bulb, I don’t think you should use it. Also it’s a 250 watt bulb not 100 watt bulb.

Thanks T…bear.

I did not see the pik, but if you are talking about a red heat lamp, then, No, it is not good for growing. Sorry

Ok thanks guys I red so much on red spectrum figured I’d ask