Stoner Music Videos ~Music that is endlessly fascinating when we get high

And there it is. I don’t know if this thread or parts of it might get flagged, I don’t see why it should except that Youtube in particular tends to have a lot of ads that they chuck into videos watched there, and the forum has an automatic advert parser or something like that.

In a thread I started about “Why did a post I made about Estas Tonne get flagged?” there is a link now to the official Estas Tonne YouTube page, so if you missed that I paste a link there. I guess we’ll have to see what happens, it may be any videos at YouTube will be blocked and I dunno what might be done about that.

I want to start this off with two favorites of mine - the second is because the two players (both on aquoustic guitars) are playing with wildly different but complementary styles AND ALSO use the guitar bodies as percussion instruments - a thing often heard in Latin American and Cubano music

The first one though- it needs no explanation at all!!!

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Willie Nelson

Rodrigo Y Gabriela


In case that got flagged, above was good ol’ Willie Nelson with the Official Live version of “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me when I Die”, followed by a new pair of artists (to me) in a live full length performance sponsored by a radio station. They are “Rodrigo Y Gabriela” and their guitar magic totally amazed me.

I want to post one more if I can. I love both Classical Music, and Blues Rock - Carlos Santana has been a life long favorite of mine ever since I was a kid and first heard “Black Magic Woman” on KGB FM in San Diego California…

There is a memorable concert he did in Japan though with an entire orchestra, I’ll see if I can find it

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I could post one more - but we need to see if this gets canned or lives, so here is one last:


IF the above vanishes, I also added a show by Jessie Cook

The first vid was Carlos Santana Live in Tokyo on the “Supernatural” tour

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Just because…

*Watch the little girl in the orange coat


This is the one that grabbed me though - I never though it was possible to get a sound like this from an aqoustic…


Above was Estas Tonne (his real first name is Stanislaus) “Spontanious Nostalgia”

~followed by:

Estas Tonne “Song of the Golden Dragon”
~which was the one that brought him to my attention to begin with

and I finally caved and looked up how to spell ‘acoustic’ correctly :roll_eyes:


Music videos are safe @FrikkinFrank


Anyone up for some Celtic music?

Most of you are guaranteed to see some strange musical instruments in these viedos that you never heard of before



That’s awesome"Bud" - I never heard of that guy, I’ll have to check him out. By the way, anyone remember Creedence Clearwater? The band is long gone - but guess what!

John Fogerty is still kickin’ and has some new albums out
Here’s his YouTube page…

Oh and uhh…

Some Buddy Guy fer yew:sparkling_heart:

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Shucks, after a teaser like that I need to post up two things here and both are relatively new

  1. John Fogerty doing “Let the Blue Boy Play”
    John Fogerty - Blueboy - YouTube
    Dunno why it just shows a link, I don’t like to do things that way

and then also some ZZ TOP that maybe some of y’all had no idea was out there


Oh Joanna what a ledgend

I think of heard her before!

How 'bout Samantha?

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Here is another oldtimer, but this was from back in '93
WARNING: Not safe for work, some lyrics may be explicit

But it’s absolutely incredible, that show

True to style - you’ll see him shred a string later in it

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Quinn Sullivan must be the best up and coming player for sure, take a listen.
just turned 18 been playing since he was three.

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