Stoner Art: ALL WELCOME!- Stone-Cold Stoners, Pothead Painters, Chronic-Tinged Critics et al

Let’s rock some Stoner Art. I’ll start with some of my work…

Skullpulse Studios


@ArtGamer I absolutely love these! I’ve got tattoos, and am looking to get more with lots of color, as the ones I have are primarily black/gray wash. I would feel like an axx with no morals if I didn’t ask if I can save the 2nd pic and have something in it’s likeness drawn out. This is the only social media account I have so as much as possible, all recognition would go to you.

And @Lacewing this seems like a thread you could get down on.


Thanks for the tag you are right !!

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I have a couple to post but they are no where near as good as these brilliant works of art
@ArtGamer You are a true artist
I’m a hack but still have fun

I have some more chocolates to make but I’m also getting my art space back up and I’ll be posting some more

These are originals

These are my attempts at Bob Ross paintings
Now to be fair I didn’t follow along I just watched him do it then did it myself it’s too hard to follow him exactly

So I started painting last March and stopped in April when my seedlings sprouted

Never picked up a brush in my life before this


Oh man!! Those are beautiful!!! You don’t give yourself anywhere near enough credit!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I would hang any any all of those on my walls.


You are too kind
I would love to paint some for other people
I don’t do it for money
Only 2 pieces of my art ever left here and only went to my sons house
I am honestly working on getting my space up as we speak
I paint strictly with oil paint unless I use gesso to under paint a washed out background …
So it’s a mess and a process to get set up
But I can’t wait to smoke some of my plants and see what comes out of the brush !!


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I would love for that to happen


Be sure to continue to show your art!! I’m not being kind I’m being honest.


Right on LaceWing, those are amazing :joy:


:heart::heart::heart: I will for sure …I’m honestly excited to get back to it because I finally started understanding the consistency of the paint and when to use it thicker or thinner and also to do 90 percent of the painting on the palette first

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Thank you very overwhelmed that others truly like it

But man @ArtGamer just kills it love their work too !!


My hats off to both of you Artists @ArtGamer. Your detail is phenomenal :love_you_gesture:. LaceWing here is my buddy that hangs out with me in my garage grow, thought a spider got him. Hear it’s rare to see them in daylight as their nocturnal predators


Awesome and you are correct rare to see during the day

Beautiful insects worth painting maybe lol ??

I have some ideas
Thanks for showing off the lacewing

Out of love brother, but that would be an awesome painting. The fluorescent green body and gold eyes are a trip to see…. Especially with a good buzz on :love_you_gesture:


Crazy you just have me thinking about it …
Also maybe on a cannabis plant
Thier elegant eggs on a stalk
Their larve all good subjects worth painting
I’ll tag you when I do it …could be a bit before I get to it tho …but I will

Never even tried to paint cannabis plants before but I plan on it


That would be an awesome painting with a Lacewing resting on a cannabis leaf or plant. :love_you_gesture:

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It’s gonna happen for sure lol …
You have my word !! I cannot wait myself
I was worried I’d spend my painting days trying to recreate Bob Ross paintings but I’ve realized watching him enabled me to use his techniques to create my own visions on canvas …

Oh yea @ArtGamer is art you put on your skin and I definitely would and yours goes on the wall. My granddaughter at 9 years old painted this of her and I fishing. I cherish it!!


Yep, old Bob Ross! I enjoyed listening to him talk, very relaxing :love_you_gesture: