Stoned thought of the day


If you smoke in your grow room,
is that Canna-balism


Them I’m a cannabal


that is good. :crazy_face:

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@tanlover442 @James68 @Familyman @NavyVet420 cool name noob :wink: @skgrower @Budtastic

Stop what you are doing. Watch this video.

Lightning in a bottle

If u already saw that video then ok, whatever sorry for wasting ur life lamo. If not then ur welcome because ur life is now amazing


@dbrn32 help me build one!!


Lmao, that’s pretty neat! I’d have to look into it some. I can tell you right now that most projects like that are done in lab type settings with very qualified people. They can go real bad real quick at home.


Sounds perfect


Why do some of you name your plants when you have a gazillion plants? Then you journal about them. I feel like I’m reading Lord of the Rings, trying to remember who’s who. I don’t know what Princess LaLa, JuJube, MammyJammy, Big Louis, Stinkypinky #1/#2/#3 are. Those names mean nothing to me. I just get confused & my brain hurts & I run away from the mayhem.

There. That’s my stoned thought for the day.:joy::joy:


I need to name my plants… I guess I’ll start with firsty, seconzies, thirdsup, four finger punch… For my first four

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I am just not good with a bajillion names. I will stop reading a book if the names get out of hand.


Too Funny…:joy::joy:


All I kno is first hand outdoor with tempt swings cause bud colorization…



I only name those are abnormal and “special”, like my Elvira and Stubborn Stacy.

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I’m talking half a dozen+ plants, all different strains. It physically hurts me. Lol!

Ok, I don’t want to bring this thread down. :grinning:

I love Elvira, the real one, more than my left boob.

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Look it spirals can you see it

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Sup mutha vuckas!!
Sometimes I imagine vampires are real and if I invite them into my life I could become one
Can you help me be a vampire
Lol or am I?

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Just a Moment to be utterly grateful for the most amazing Plant the Universe has ever given Birth to.