Stoned thought of the day


Stoned thought.of the day
I want to travel along gravity


If you pull off the wings of a fly…does it then become a WALK ???


11:11am Nov 11 2011


you ‘are’ traveling along with gravity, the trick is knowing when to stop moving.


If you think about it, life is like an auto flower plant. We all have to get done what we can in a set amount of time. :face_with_monocle:


I’m sitting outside during a mild snowstorm in minimal clothing yo have a smoke. Because people around here don’t like it


I wish I could just smoke inside. Imsfh


try a vaporiser, i use a davinci inside and get ripped to the tits without any hassle…mmmmm so nice…so warm :sunglasses:

what does Imsfh mean ?


I’m so f high


STOTD- The BOTM is unfair to outdoor growers that can’t control the environment to produce all the pretty colors.


What is stotd…

LMAO I’m so f high imsfh


Yes, Yes it is


Come on noob. Teach us how to get those pretty colors. My son seems to think they make the smoke better hahahaha.
Medical growers motto: don’t sell, don’t tell, and don’t smell. The colors around here in this pot hater state sell better. I grow only MMJ. I only care that it gives me that ridiculous body high but I would like to grow a blueberry that looks like the ILGM photos



@basementstealth STOTD- Stoned Thought Of The Day.

@skgrower- only one of my outdoor plants turned purple when weather first changed and got colder at night. My last remaining stubborn girl was left out in upper 20° lows last night to help bring the color she started to get. I have left her out in light frost conditions to help harden her against the cold. We will have mid 20’s next couple nights but she will go in the tack room in my barn though. While stressing her is good for tric and resin formation, I dont want to freeze her to death.


copper filings/dust in the soil ?


I’m indoor and I’ve never got colors out of any strains except the usual red and green. Probably because I use a temperature controller to keep the temperature swing when lights out at no more than 10°.



Never tried that James



Mr Le Pew,

Gardening folklore embraces homey formulas for controlling hydrangea bloom colors, including burying pennies in your soil. Some swear pennies turn blooms pink; others claim they turn them blue. Science says otherwise.

is Photoshop the suspect ?.. i hope not.


is there a glossary of these letters, us out in the middle of the Gobi Desert have no idea what ya’ll on about :earth_asia::earth_africa::earth_americas:


Stoned thought of the day. Just invented