Stomper's ILGM Jack Herer and White Widow Scrog

Smoking homemade hash from my home grown stash,
Sitting back and mindin the grill
Never thought the city
Was as gawd dangled pretty
As the sight of a full grown field


@Stomper very nice grow.I got some questions on the Jack how much stretch did you get and how long did they take to flower?I have 3 in veg under cheap led going to add another one for flower,thanks. Ps was it strong smoke?

Under a 600 w hps the Jack stretches up to 24" for me. The net is 24" off the ground and they get chest high. They flowered for about 72 days from the time I flipped to 12/12.

The smoke was very strong, face melting, that settled into a nice alert buzz. Not a body high like the White Widow which wil melt your face, legs and everything else. First WW harvest I couchlocked for three days before I went uh what day is it.


Maybe start them in smaller pots so they don’t get washed down when you water.