Stomper's ILGM Jack Herer and White Widow Scrog


I have been trying like crazy to get the WW to sprout but it is not. I started 3 Jack Herrer and 3 WW fems. Two Jack are doing ok. One Jack hit the surface and died. None of the WW came up. Started three more WW and still none but I found one about three inches down in the soil and it may recover. Trying a different thang for another WW now.

Here’s the Jack…

Stomper Scrog - Attack of the Clones

So pretty :four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


Wow man those look great. May I ask you how many weeks are those from the time they sprouted?? Hate to hear that about your WW. I just ordered 10 myself and hope I don’t run into that problem. Praying for the one to work out for you though.


They cracked September 25th. So about three weeks since they broke soil. I think my issue with seedlings is threefold:

Denial of my locations humidity (rh was 14% today) the soil is drying out too fast
Planting too deep
Not letting the seed get a big enough tail maybe.

The WW is stil in ICU…


Slow and steady wins the race


I believe you have figured it out. Good for you.
It ?should go better forbyka hear on out


Got one WW sprouted now hoping a seconds shows its face soon. Still a while to go for my current harvest so not too worried. The Jack is doing great. Hoping the WW catches up.

Second WW has sprouted. Next Scrog will have two of each, yay.


The WW is a month behind the Jack. Depending on how it looks when the bud room is vacant, I may put them in the tent for a week or two under the MH before bringing in the Jack. My LEDs grow way slower than the Hid system.

So I was planting the seeds too deep due to bad eyesight and then letting the soil get dry. My method of germinating is ok. These two I made sure were planted 1/4" deep and covered to keep the soil moist til they sprouted.


I’m sure you didn’t plant them 3 inches deep right? I plant mine a little over a quarter inch and I keep them in a humidity Dome well watered @ 82 degrees & 95% rh until there all sprouted and up

Maybe this will help?
-best of luck!


Not three inches, but probably an inch or more. I can get almost all seeds to crack. Nine out of ten, but I was not taking care with the sprout enough. Read thru the Grow Bible again and went back to the basics for the last two.


Ok. Got the harvest done and the room cleaned. Switched the light to MH and set the timer for 18/6. I repotted the ladies in FF Ocean Forest five gallon pots.

The Jack Herer is ready to be topped but I will give it a few days to recover from the transplant first. Feeding full strength Dynagrow Grow.


The Jack was already taller than the Scrog so I topped it back far enough to make two clones. They are still a little taller than the WW but the WW wil get taller than them quickly. Once they are taller I will top them and make two more clones.


I’m going to time this grow from the day I harvested the last crop. I want to get an idea of how long between harvests and how to shorten that as much as possible. I am cloning this crop so I will get a faster start with the next one.

The timer starts on 12/1 for this crop.

Here’s where we’re at after one week.

The Jack is on the right side the Widow on the left. I have two clones of each strain going.


Been busy with the holidays so finally here’s an update…

My Christmas present

Filling in …

Jack Herer clone…

Filling in again

White Widow clones and another Jack clone.


Nice looking pipe how does she hit?


Really nice. It goes well with my homegrown :metal:


Plants look nice too :grin:


They are healthy looking… :sunglasses:


Some update pics…

Jack Herer …

White Widow …


Switched to the HPS and set it to flower.