Stomper Scrog - Attack of the Clones


For this round I am vegging only clones. I have 4 WW and 2 Jack Herrer clones from ILGM seeds I started last September (2016). I followed the cloning guide in the Guides section here cutting at 45 deg and scratching the stems then dipping in rooting powder. I used Hormex #1.


Looking good.
Question for you… does your tent have multiple access points?
My tent only has 1 door which is keeping me from doing a scrog grow because I figure it will be a pain In the bum to get access to the plants in the back for watering.


It is an 8’x4’ tent with two front doors. I have half for the Scrog and the other half for my chair and ac unit. I am disabled with only one leg so I get what you mean. I lay down on my side to water the back once the canopy is too thick to see thru. I tried to make a distance watering funnel but by the time water travels that far on a slope it can do some erosion damage.


@Stomper Maybe a drip system would work for you?


I have thought of that but I have all the time in the world and I use the watering time to clean up under the canopy too.


Looking good @Stomper


They are vegging under an MH light till they fill in the canopy. I’ll switch to HPS then till I get the WW about 4" above the net all over. From experience, I offcenter the pots so the plants grow to the center at the very last. This prevents a higher center, letting the outside get taller and leaving the center shorter when the plants start touching. I can keep the light closer to the canopy for a longer period this way.

On the floor in the center is a tray of second gen clones I am prepping for the other tent once it is empty. Got two JH flowering in there now.


@Stomper looking good will be following
How big is you tent sir ?


The Scrog is 4’x4’ in half of my tent. 600w hid system. A/C unit for air.


Cool @Stomper was wondering because I have 4 in a 4x4 tent a screen is same size and it filled up fast was thinking I could have done two or even one and got same results or close but would have had to veg longer for sure


your not wrong @Countryboyjvd1971 i am just finishing up 2 in mine now from cuttings and they pretty much filled the tent another weeks veg or if i’d set up the net early instead of thinking at 6weeks veg ohh scrog sounds cool lol, they would of filled it completely, guess its depends on how long you run the veg cycle


Very nice brother! Happy happy tent. Outta likes! :v::+1::palm_tree::grin:


For those who have not seen my other scrogs, and by way of explanation, I have purposefully kept my entire Grow setup to the most basic possible of everything. I spent two years buying one piece of equipment a month till I had the setup I have now. The ac unit was a house cooling gift from family.

By cloning I have cut my expenses even more. This Scrog cost a total of $20 in dirt to get to this point. Add in lectricity costs you can’t avoid and I will estimate about 12 oz harvest for under $200 total expense. Plus I will get about 6 to 8 grams of killer hash. The lectricity bill is $50 a month for what I use extra.


Sounds like a perfect plan @Stomper
Can’t complain about those costs per ounce


I like cheap.
My first grow was expensive my 2nd grow I already had seeds just needed medium like you. And a little TLC but that’s cheap enough.


@Jmesser80 the first is always the expensive one since you need to invest in everything
But once you do the cost goes way down
I think that’s why most of us start growing to begin with right lol


You got it.
Even if I didn’t smoke I think I would enjoy growing. I like the satisfaction of smoking my own goods. I know exactly what went into them makes it that much sweeter.


With so many of us on fixed incomes and with disabilities, I wanted to have a Grow for true novices to see that you can get started and be successful by sticking with the basics then gradually upping your game or just set up a status quo you can count on and afford to maintain.

My first Scrog has all the details on the setup the second is all about raising seedlings and this is branching out to clones.


Very cool :sunglasses: stomper thanks for sharing


I’m with you @Stomper I’m on a fixed income myself so I find repurposing of supplies and making things work is what I have to do. I have learned so much from watching all the other grows. Its just amazing to me!