Stomota cycle times

I am currently growing in a 5X5 grow tent. The fans, and humidifiers cycle repeatedly in response to rising temperatures and humidity which is controlled by an Eclipse F60 digital environmental control unit. The cycle times are around 3-4 minutes and during this time the humidity drops to around 50% fans on, then climbs rapidly back to 70% fans off. This cycle is constantly repeated during lights on. My question here is how do the stomota cope with this rapid environmental change in temp and hum?

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Great question, this is a time I wish I had a book.
This book is recommended although I haven’t read it so I can’t personally tell you what’s going on.
Maybe @dbrn32 or @Covertgrower or @merlin44 or @MattyBear maybe even @garrigan62 or @latewood has a more detailed understanding of the plant.
@Stonedrus maybe even?

I will counter with a question in the mean time, why not control the difference in temperature degrees allowed?
If your controller fails to do this look into a inkbird, I know with my inkbird temp/humidity controller I can control the delay as well as the variance.

Why shut the fans off? My fans are on 24/7, not really sure how the stomata’s will work under those conditions.


Good point @Covertgrower
If your humidity is that high you should be able to dial your fans into a lower level but always be on.


I run my fans 24/7. Circulation is important for a number of reasons


If I did that my humidity would just be sucked right out =(
But my contoller does a good balance.

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I had a setup that I experimented with and it didn’t do the plants well. Temps would swing from 75-86 and humidity would swing 30-60 every 10-20 minutes. Plants did not like that.

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I don’t have an answer to how stomata deal with rapid changes. But I also run my fans 24/7 despite having the ability to set control points. Any additional environmental controls i use are in the room my makeup air comes from.

Doing like this has proven way easier to maintain environment for me.


U can get that book and more free on here as a download

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very differnt grow bibles, I think you are mistaken.

Oh sry. I just googled saw kinda the same title. Its the ilgm version

Thank you didnt know that was on there

All good friend.