Stlleaf’s Mixed Flavor Journal

Day 8 of flower, buds starting to form, let’s get it! Going to feed tonight or tomorrow, girls are still pretty short, I hope they shoot up more. I’ve got my light at 24” high from the canopy. Keep it here or lower it? Hlg 300L on full blast. I also have a blurple, maybe I’ll add it as well.


Ok I fed today and tried something different. I fed 75% of dosage with 4 gallons of RO water - except I only fed 3/4 (all but the Purp Matcha). For the Matcha, i went 1.5 gallons with 75% dosage except 100% dosage of calcium and nitrogen using nectar of gods line.

We’ll see how they come out. Ppm was 635 for 3/4 and 850 for the matcha. Last feedings ive been around 425 so this is def a kick up!

Day 11 of flower, the different feedings With extra nitrogen and calcium to the matcha seemed to help, we’ll see how they look tomorrow. Here’s a pic today.


Update tonight, everything looking good. Matcha looking a lot better, think that feeding worked perfect. Very little signs of nute burn so I think I’ll feed again instead of water and look to do a 2/1/2/1 feed/water schedule.

Check out the stretch on this branch lol damn.


Im out of likes but omg-- beauties in yer tent!! So healthy looking.
And i agree with ur post of 2 weeks ago: relief to have the election behind us and appreciation of the forum peeps!!


Thanks Sis! I’ll take a closeup of the Raspberry Cough , I know you mentioned about it. It’s in top right of picture, but furthest bud development so far, so I’m excited to see how she turns out!

Appreciate the follow :v:

Yes!! I have rasp cough to try eventually.

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Here’s a closeup of the R.C.


Update for today, I fed tonight 75% @ 5 gallons RO water. 6.5 ph and ppm was at 800. Will be interesting to see how they like the nute push :smiley:

The matcha was looking a lil rough from wanting to be watered, pry should have fed yesterday, but it wasn’t bad and the little bit of stress hopefully pushes it into hyperdrive! I’ll take a pic later and post it.


@stlleaf looking purdy. I have minimal flower experience honestly, but I feel as though there’s a lot of veg. that (maybe possibly at some point or not) interfere with air circulation.

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@Tenga never had razz cough, but it’s on the list to smoke and grow. You don’t already have it posted yet do you?

Good point @AZIrish, I’m planning a big defol on flower day 21 next Monday :v:

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AZ–not yet. I have the seeds – waiting for their turn.

Here’s a pic today, the matcha is back looking vibrant, but it’s potential deficiency isn’t going away after I fed it with the same ratio of nutes as the others last night. I may need to continue feeding this one separately another couple times and monitor. This is day 16 of flower.


Happy Thanksgiving All!

Fun update today, girls all look good, buds are growing. The fun part is I ordered an HLG UVA 30 light, so once that comes in I’ll hook it up. If the grow shop is open tomorrow, I’m going to pick up a couple hanger pulleys to put up my blurple, then I’ll have the HLG 300R, Blurple, and UVA!! Let’s get it!!

Also gotta re-up on a couple bottles of nutes, should ring me about $40. Light cost $140 but I’m searching for the densest, dankest buds I can grow!


Quick update, I was tinkering around in the tent and set up the blurple. I put the two big hogs, Raspberry Cough and Purple Matcha to the right, and the Mimosa and runt of the family Cherry 18 to the left. I’ve got my HLG 300R shaded to the big girls.

Thoughts on this lighting alignment or am I better off putting the HLG right in the middle where it’s been? Or even put it directly under the big girls to maximize them out? I’ll put the UVA 30 in the middle of the two lights.

@EYE69MYSELF @Tenga @Hellraiser @AZIrish @Thumper @dbrn32 @kaptain3d


It will probably be fine like that, you certainly won’t know if you don’t try.


Yep, should be fine.

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Sounds good yall, I’ll continue on continuing on! Thanks and hope everyone is staying high :v:

Always looks good when you can’t see the floor of the tent anymore. PS lighting looks on point!

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