Stlleaf’s Mixed Flavor Journal

I guess 148 grams dried.

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@EYE69MYSELF @Hellraiser ya’ll are awesome lol, damn some big numbers there! I’d love it!!

A quick smoke report on the mimosa - def could catch a lil fruity undertones under the non cured bud taste lol, high wasn’t bad will need to do further investigations tho lol. Smoking a bit of this raspberry cough now and I think I like it. First blaze of the day tho so I’ll need to do more scientific research! The holidays had me smokin so damn much, now that I’m back at work my tolerance should drop a bit as I don’t smoke until I get home.

Drying report - Mimosa buds feel a bit crispy, but stems dont snap they are still bending so guess I’ll take it day by day. I don’t need it to rush, hoping it hits that sweet spot 7-10 days drying period. At day 5 tonight :v:

Maybe i’ll do an update on the two remaining girls later, I think i’ll pry have to water or feed today.

Also, need to DROP BEANS SOON!! :grin: Will especially keep yall posted on that including next flavors!!


Results are in for the Mimosa Evo:

18 grams big buds
17 grams md buds
30.5 grams smaller buds.

Total two 32 oz jars filled 65.5 grams… I guessed 65 lmao damn, lucky guess. I’ll grab a pic later :v:


Ok I dropped beans last night. Introducing my next lineup:

-707 Headband
-Purple Punch
-Tangerine Dream
-Orange Bud
-Critical Purple Kush
-Lithium OG
-Critical Orange Punch
-Mango Sapphire

Will end up looking to keep top 6 if they all germ.


Heres the makeshift seed starter location. Only seen 1 tail on the 707 which is one of 2 strains i really am excited for the most (other purple punch)!


My hygrometer said 57% rh in my jar of Mimosa but i just got a new battery in it this morning so maybe it’s still reading? Regardless I put a couple leaves from the girls still growing to see if it’ll kick it up a noth. If it’s still low in the am I’ll add more or a piece of damp paper towel.

The Matcha and Cherry 18 i’ll water tonight, been switching between water and feed, I’m just going to keep watering until their done. It’s currently 61 days since flip for them.


I cut and jarred the Raspberry Cough this morning, it’s got a lovely raspberry smell!

Jarred and dried with 3 big jars came up at 79 grams, not quite what we were hoping but that’s ok!

Total so far is 144.5 with 2 more to go!

Also the RH on the jarred Mimosa was 63% and still there, i’ll pry add another fan leaf or two and then burp for a week until it goes to cure. Large buds will get a cure, I’ll probably start smoking small buds not long after they are done burping. :v:


Been a minute since I updated, still got the Cherry 18 and Purple Matcha in the tent, I’ll cut either this weekend or next week. Letting these 2 get some more amber as they’ll be my nightime/knockout smoke lol.

Some other good news, all 8 seeds germed and are growing!! I’m gonna pick up a space heater tomorrow to warm up the room a bit and get max veg growth!

Also hygrometer is in the large bud Cough jar, and it’s been at 68% so I’ve been burping about 3-4 times a day until it’s around 65, then i’ll just burp once a day until I’m at 62 steady. As I mentioned before the Raspberry Cough has a real HEAVY raspberry smell, it’s amazing.

I taste tested some Rasp earlier today and it got me real stoned, great stuff! Shoulda kept a clone but now I know what look for in the strain!! Got 4 seeds left, if I can’t find this same pheno in thise 4 i’ll buy another pack and this R.C. will def be a mother. Dang shoulda cloned but wanted to get this grow under my belt first lol.

Cheers and stay high all!


I just finished smoking some purple punch. It’s s really good smoke. The buds are beautiful with the purple hues. I’m usually not a purple bud guy for some reason it messes with me. Anxiety inducing but this strain wasn’t. GDP if I smoke more than a joint I get bad anxiety. Looking forward to your new grow. Great first harvest you’re well on your way.


Thanks for the well wishes on my next round @Kevfrmthestl, it’s much appreciated.

I got some Rec Purple Punch last year I think - first time trying it and I was SOLD! When I seen it I didn’t think it’d hit so hard, and even when smoking it I’m like this is not bad… Ended up waking up next morning like damn that hit me like a mack truck it just crept up tho, definite creeper. Taste was good, i don’t remember the smell, but I do remember thinking Purple Punch was my new fav night time strain.

My buddy who I got it from asked me what I thought of the doff flavors (had zkittles, purp punch, some kind of apple strain, and a 4th strain which I don’t remember). Neways we both laughed as we said same thing basically - “zkittlez was real dope but that PP crept up on me!”

I did get another bag of what was later said as Jungle Boys Purple Punch… Was smaller popcorn buds with some purple colors in there… smoked and tasted diff than the earlier version I had but this kind smelled EXACTLY like fruity pebbles. Exactly like fruity pebbles lol, I’m telling you.

Will be interesting to see how this one shakes out.