Stlleaf’s Mixed Flavor Journal

Welcome all! Time to stop pussyfooting around and just create my own journal for reference Anyone and everyone welcome to follow, constructive criticism and pointers definitely welcome as well.

This is my 2nd grow, first from seed. I love blazing, and my goal is to put out a self sustainable crop with a little variety in the strains. I’ll be going 4 girls in a 3x3 tent, looking to model SOG style.

-3x4x6 tent, using 3x3. Will incorporate 1x3 later to start my next grow earlier.
-HLG 300R, plus a blurple for seed starting or to add to flowing.
-6” AC infinity
-Happy Frog soil

Purple Matcha (indica)
Raspberry Cough (sativa)
Mimosa (indica hybrid)
Cherry 18 (indica)


Good.luck…grow em big and keep it green!!

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I dropped seeds 9/15, planted in solo cups next day 9/16. Transplanted maybe 2 weeks ago to 2 gal plastic pots. I’ll eventually final-transplant to 7 gal fabric pots, maybe in a week or so.

Here’s this morning.


Thanks Loco!

Regarding the picture, the top left is Rasp Cough, top right is Mimosa, bottom left is Purple Matcha, and the runt is the Cherry 18. Also I topped them 4-5 days ago (cherry was topped 2 days ago).

Tagging some folks @Ocean @Hellraiser @wheelz70 @BoilerGuy @FromNoob2Expert


Looks nice and healthy!


Thanks for the love and likes yall, much much appreciated with so much love and respect for yall.

A couple notes prior to lights on… well a couple screw ups to note lol:

My first feeding about 2 weeks ago I forgot to PH my nutes after mixing like a complete idiot lol. Promised myself I will never let that happen again. I ended up feeding one other time then giving straight water (PH’d RO water) for a “flush”. Seemed to do the trick as yesterday I didn’t see anything of concern.

I dropped 4 seeds this time, however the next time I drop seeds, I’ll do so with 6 different strains, then cull the 2 weakest ones. My Cherry 18 has been a runt all throughout. After getting the biggest tail on this seed, I planted all in solo cups full of HF soil. It was my first time doing this and I may not have had a veteran’s touch or something because the Cherry stalled a bit. I actually dropped a 2nd cherry seed after the first, but that one actually died after I planted the germ’d seed in soil lol.

Enough screwups lol. I’m patiently waiting to feed again, last one was Thursday I think but the soil isn’t completely dry yet (Purple Matcha may be close).

I’ll follow up anything of note when lights come on in a few hours.


Ok so it was a bit eventful lol. I checked, and all soil seemed to be dry from my weight test of picking them up. Good to water I figure.

So I watered the Mimosa and Raspberry, then move onto the Purple Matcha and damnit I got some flys or something in there. I’m figuring they are fungus gnats, will do some more research later. I could see em with my naked eye. Not a ton but any more than zero is enough to give me concern.

I watered ~32 oz of my nutes per each pot - Using Nectar of The Gods nutrients from Oregons Only. I got the sample pack for last grow and still have a good amount left. After 32 oz nute watering, I sprayed Captain Jack’s Dead Bug onto the soil, then watered another 16 oz each pot with my nutes. I got runoff with each pot.

Regarding my nute feeding, I measured my bucket ppm for 1st time, and it came out to 420, not even messing with you guys lmao. I PH’d to 6.25 per 6.1-6.3 nute guideline as well.

I also have some DE i’ll lay onto the soil top tomorrow after the top soil dries a bit.


Another day another journal entry. All 4 girls looked great today! I checked all for gnats or bugs but there was nothing moving but a smaller white spider on my tent floor. My grow tent is located in my basement so I’m prone to various spiders, etc. roaming around… never anything serious outside of the gnats yesterday. The captn jacks dead bug must have done the trick, I’ll continue to monitor moving forward.

The Purple Matcha is just an absolute HORSE! Raspberry Cough also looking great, I’m super happy with these, the Purp has bud sites exposed all over the place, I barely have to move any leaves.

Mimosa doing solid but tough to see some of those bud sites. I’ll have to do some defol on the girls sometime, but I’m thinking I may wait til I up-pot one more time.

Speaking of such, I’m moreso winging it but figure I will up-pot into 7 gal fabric pots either next feed or the following. Girls have drank up last nights feeding quickly, I can already feel the pot is a bit lighter. I figure they’ll need another feed already either tomorrow or Thursday.


Woah, the girls are looking awesome! I’m digging the strains too. Never actually had any variations of those. Will research! Also, I see a lot of good growers just using common knowledge and intuition. You seem to be doing great so don’t let too many things get in the way of a great grow. Now that you’re at this point you’d almost have to introduce an issue to have any problems. Good luck bud and set to watching!


Thanks AZ appreciate the support!!

I’ve never smoked any of these, my buddy and I wanted to try diff strains so I got these. If you like this lineup, you’ll love my next drop when these girls are nearing finish, although they are strains you may have heard before.

Purple Punch
707 Headband
4 of the following, not set in stone: Tangie Dream, Critical Orange Punch, Orange Bud, Blueberry, Purple Urkle, Critical Purple Kush, Northern Lights

Got a few others in the bank but these are my choices for next 2 drops. Open to suggestions lol.

Regarding my technique gotta give a lot of credit to my buddy and to @Hellraiser, been following his journal, and his growing style/setup is similar to mine… and of course all the other great knowledge here!!


New day, same grind. I picked up some supplies for the transplant… hydro store all out of small bags of perlite but they did have one 4 cu ft bag lol… should last me years lmao.

Bag of Happy Frog, the monster bag of perlite. A 2nd clip on fan. A bag of recharge. And some PH Up. Cost me under $150 for everything but I know the prize is waiting for me. I keep an estimate of my charges for the grow to see what kind of ROI I get. I figure I smoke about 2 oz a month, maybe a lil more. Currently, I have about $800 spent for this grow (including estimated future costs) and that includes electric for 5 months, plus amortization of seeds among others. I amortize a lil heavy on the seeds, cuz buying em is 1/2 the fun lol. Basically to break even I’d need to grow 2-3 oz or so, however the goal here isn’t to break even, it’s to create a backlog of ganja where even I cant smoke it all!! I got my work cut out for me to get to that point, but I’m confident I can reach it with 3 grows a year @ 12 oz target per grow.

Lights come on in a few hours, if the pots seem pretty dry I’ll try to transplant into the 7 gal fabric pots tonight!

Stay tuned and if anyone needs some perlite, hit me up I got you man lol.


You from St Louis? If so which hydro store you using?

Holy perlite Batman!!! :bat:

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@LoCoRock PERLITE PARTY 2020, whose coming?? Talking fiesta my friend not a smelly political group lmao.

@EYE69MYSELF sorry not in St. Lou currently, understand u pry thought from my user name. :v:

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I use recharge myself definitely see results. Good stuff

Yup yup. Just looking for a good local store. All good.

I’ve been using a small bag, got the bigger kind this time. Seems to work well, my friend swears by it! (Worked great for a lilac too)

Usually i generously apply to all edges of the “root ball” and down into the hole where I’m planting. Just curious, but do you or have you ever mixed it in with the soil or feel that would be beneficial or does it not matter as much?

No great white is my microbe dry apply when transplant 'n.
Just use recharge about every other water maybe…

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Ok I checked the girls, still seen two fungus gnats so I sprayed another round of Jacks Dead Bug onto the soil and also added some DE. I was just at the hydro shop should have looked for mosquito bits DOH! O well, I’ll pick some up soon.

Getting some good growth on all of em though, think I’ll wait until tomorrow to transplant.

Home depot got em… hopefully jacks it’ll do it for ya… I like de as well

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