Stipules, what are they?

As a first time indoor grower im seeing a large amount of stipules on my plants. They have been on the 12-12 light cycle now for 4 days. Is these stipules the beginning of the buds?

I think you are seeing the calyx of the pistil forming, so the correct term is pistil, not stipule.

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So whats the difference between the pistil and stipule?

I’m not a botanist, but I believe it has something to do with the difference in leaf parts versus flower parts.

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I know every mmj plant, either male or female, has stipules. Male plants will only have stipules which is how you can tell them apart early on.

Still a great question cause I’m unsure what their actually for as well.

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Males have staminates, again, stipules are parts that lead to leaves, not to flowers, male flowers(stamen) or female flowers(pistils). Stipules are parts related to leaves, not flowers.