Stipules turning brown

After about 5 days into the 12/12 light cycle i noticed the stipules on one plant is turning brown. Im sure they are the stipules and not pistils. Is this a bad thing? If so what should i do?

I’m not sure, it might be a sign of a nutrient or pH problem.

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I have 3 other plants same age, same strain, same soil, same pots, same water, same light cycle. But still have the one with the brown stipules. I would think if its a Ph or nutrient deficiency it would be the same with the other plants? This specific plant also is the only one out of the 4 that is not showing any sign of flowering male or female while the other 3 have pistils with white hairs starting to form. Also this plant is visually the best out of the 4 as far as the end results of the vegetation cycle. This plant has me very curious…,

Well, I guess we’ll never know until we have that information.

Again, delay in flowering or growth, unless some disease is obvious, this is pointing to a nutrient uptake problem, and the most likely culprit would be pH.

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Just checked ph and it is @ 6.5

And the nutrient concentration? Also I have no idea the soil composition or anything about the nutrient you are using. Depending on the soil composition, 6.5 might be high, also if the pH is reading differently in different parts of the soil, this could be important.

There is a chance it could just be that plant, for whatever reason. But most likely something different is going on with that plant and it is most likely in that plant’s container. As the air and light is kind of equally shared by all the plants.

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Also, maybe that plant’s feet are staying wetter or too wet, as compared to the other pots? Something is probably different for that plant.

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