Stipules changing color?

Hey guys. I’m in my 4th day of pre flowering. Pistils seem to be coming in nice however I recognized a few of the stipules are changing color? Is this normal? Leaves are showing no signs of nutrient burn etc so I’m wondering if this is all part of the process?

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Pics? What color are they?

Possibly fans? Wind I think can turn them

They are a little brown at the tips from what I can see. Possible amber color

I do have fans going because the room that it’s growing in is very humid and I need to circulate the air the best I can

I’m outdoors …in a breezy spot and I swear I thought they were pollinated a while ago

That’s beautiful. Here are some pictures of mine at the moment. The third picture is what I am referring too

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Mine did that and that’s why I thought it pollinated
I thought I added a pic of mine it didn’t show

Some of them have since turned yellow and seem to be dying off …the entire calyx

Lol omg …. My bad
Those also on mine have been dying away too
I just thought it’s normal

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Lmao no worries! So you would say it’s normal? Plant seems to be very healthy

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I hope someone else with more knowledge chimes in but I’ve noticed it everywhere
Mine sprouted outdoors 4/5

For an outdoor grow first time growing
I’d say mine are healthy too …hasn’t effected anything

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Nice! Those are absolutely beautiful. For a first time grow I’m already addicted to it lol.

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Pistils darkening is 100% normal. It’s part of their life cycle…

It’s when a single calyx swells and darkens faster than the rest, and stays “swelled”, is to know it has been pollinated.

I see nothing indicating pollination here, just a plant going through life.

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