STINKING up the house

I grew for the first time this summer and only grew outdoors. Backyard stunk…well, it smelled good :+1:.
You indoor growers, how you keep the odor down in the house?

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Good airflow and good carbon filters lol either way there is always some type of smell at some point especially some strains it just dosnt mater what ya do they just stank haha I also run a ozone in my house helps tremendously with odor good or bad but they are also some what expensive

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Ozone? Tell me more

I’m sorry not a ozone but good air purifiers

So far I’ve been running a 6” exhaust fan with a large carbon filter attached. The filter is on the inside of the tent so the exhausted air passes through the filter. It has been sufficient to keep the aroma of my larger plant nullified.

I know once flowering happens, one filter likely won’t stop the smell, just mitigate some. I don’t have a contingency plan. Thankfully skunks are super common in my area so neighbors can’t get too mad if the aroma wafts out of the house. :rofl: