Still youut wondering when to top

i probly need to wait just curious when to top her


I would wait til there’s 5 nodes.


From what I’ve read on here and like dbrn32 said 5 nodes is the general rule of thumb. 5 nodes usually turns out to be around transplant to bigger pot time. So, I will transplant and let them recover, then top main cola 1st time. My 2 cents.


It’s hard to see exactly where you are at looking down on the plant but as far as I can see you are at 4 or5 nodes so you can top now if you want.

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I tried to upload a side pic yesterday but it was a no go she wakes up in about an hour ill try again then

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Just now taken

Wont load side pic for some reason sorry

How many nodes ( where leaves attached to the plant)

there it is about damn time

Yep you can definitely top her!

Thanks @Gardenguy where should i snip her at

Just take the tip above the last set of leaves . You could probably cut it anywhere and it would be ok though .they are extremely tough plants