Still worried about my White Widow

Hello. I’m worried that my White Widow is still too small. I was thinking of re-potting her, and in the process, removing the jiffy pellet that she was germinated in if possible. Sounds very risky though. What do you guys think? Maybe it’s better to just leave her alone and see what happens?

White Widow - Just over 3 weeks old since first popping her head through the soil.

AK47 - Only 2 weeks old and way bigger.


If it helps ease your mind at all, both of my ww drug their feet for the first couple weeks. They may be doing all their growing underneath the medium!! Hope it goes well :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Absolutely!!! Keep us posted!!

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It looks good, remember the basics about cell building, 1X2= 2 // 2X2= 4 // 2X4= 8 // 2X8= 16 // 2X16= 32 // 2X32= 64 and so and so fourth, as long as it’s green and healthy you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you feed it before it starts looking hungry but don’t overfeed, that’ll stunt the growth.

I can’t positively judge by the lighting in the second photo but it may be starting to get hungry, not that it’s showing any problematic deficiencies, it’s not, again it could be the lighting.

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Your plant is right on track. You have nothing to worry about. Yet.


Groovy. I have them all on a little nutes. Just finished their first 3 feeds, 4th only water. Tomorrow I’ll up the nutes a little :slight_smile: Think it is just the lighting, all 3 of my babes are green and healthy looking :slight_smile:

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What kind of lighting are you running?

800W Hypargero LED. Just the veg switch on at the moment, around half a meter above leaves.

That light may fall short in flower for both plants. Are the cobs off now?

It’s all I got so will have to make do :smiley: Yep only the first set of LEDs is on at the moment. It becomes insanely bright with both switches on. My grow space is only 0.75cm x 0.75cm as well.

I would run the light full power now. It only puts out 240 true watts. I have a 1200 watt LED that is only really 300 watts and I ran it over my 2 white widows @ 24 inches above the tops of the plants and they did great. How tall is your tent?

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2 Meters up. You think the light isn’t doing it’s thing now? How can you tell?

Im not saying they look bad at all. Im just saying as far as your light goes, the light is @240 watts full power. Your plants will grow better for you. Not that they arent now, just better. Thats just my opinion though, this is your grow and you get to do as you please brother!!! And by the looks of your plants, your doing good :call_me_hand:

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Ah cool cool :slight_smile: I did wonder if there were any negative effects to having it on full blast all the time. I’ll give it a go and see what happens. This AK is already growing super fast!

You’re Looking good . These are my 3 WW fem. popped out April 3.

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So today (no idea how it happens so fast), my WW has some speckles on her leaves. AK also has a small patch forming.

Could it possibly be too warm? The tent got up to 31c sometimes with the hot weather here.
I also have a fan going just above the leaves, not directly on them, but could it maybe be wind damage?
Send help! :frowning:

On the bright side, my tent smells a bit stanky today. That’s a good sign right? :wink:

Step one: take a deep breath

Step two; relax

Your plants need to be fed. That’s all that’s wrong.


The reason your plant is slow to grow is the size of the pot. You can’t see it, but she’s slowly spreading her roots. Eventually the roots will be down and she’ll focus on above ground development. Then she’ll grow rapidly.


Phew, I just fed them some tasty nutes. I really hope that is all that is. I’m told I worry too much, I treat these girls better than myself lol.

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