Still with the calmag problem

Hello I am still having an issue with calcium and magnesium. The stems are purple reddish color and have brown spots on the leaves. When I water the only nutrients I give are the sensi grow and bloom products. I have calmag+ but am afraid to really add it because the sensi product says it has enough. I don’t think at this point it’s PH I have tried every recommendation for ph levels to absorbed more cal mag and nothing. This is beyond frustrating. Looking for some advise. Thanks guys.

Are new brown spots appearing or are you still watching the old spots? Once damage has happened it stays that way! Now if your still showing calcium def and your PH is good as well as PPMs assuring that you don’t have ph, or salt lockout, there’s 2 things either over feeding is causing a lockout of calcium or there isn’t enough calcium in the feed your giving… any nute burn or anything like that going on? If not then ide recommend feeding Calmag, some give cal mag on feed days I prefer to give calmag on water only days

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No new ones are forming. I cannot figure out the ph for these things to take up the calmag. I don’t understand these nutrient charts they contradict what everyone says about ph in hydro. All the growers I’ve seen talk about keeping ph between 5.5 and 6.0 for hydroponics yet the nutrient charts say the ph needs to be between 6.5 and 7 for calcium and magnesium.

Well this one says 6.0 to 7.0 but that’s still over the 6.0 max for hydro

Pretty sure in hydro you run 5.5 to 6.0 what I was led to understand I’ve never used hydro I have used coco and it runs a little different but 5.5-6.0 from my understanding is right where you should be anything higher than 6 I believe is way to high. I would tag a hydro grower but I’m not sure who’s who when it comes to that… if no new spots are forming or it isn’t worsening than you may have it solved