Still waiting on shipment


Excellent a two-fer! Congrats @mulegal @ReMoLu If either of you have any questions, start a new topic and tag us and we will help you out!


@mulegal, please let me know how things work out with the Jack Herer. I turned down a couple gift clones but it was pretty late in the season and I was only growing outside.


I sure will @Flyr.

I plan to start a grow journal when I get things started.

Also start 2 Amnesia Haze auto’s will be in the works. And outside for me also .

Once I start, anyone that’d like to follow along, I sure could use any suggestions along the way. Todays plants are not like the weed of my youth…


@mulegal I got back into growing after a 40 year lapse. It is very different stuff! LOL

I grew AHA last grow and they were a little tempermental but I got them to harvest! Please tag us to your grow journal when you start!


I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me once I get things started. Thanks @bob31


Absolutely, very excited. Already had them soak for 24 hrs and now on wet paper towel. I think a couple cracked a bit overnight


Nice! Thats the best part, until they germinate, then that is the best part and then… hahaha @ReMoLu


You are sure right in saying todays plants or todays techniques are nothing like long ago. I grew more like survival of the fittest. If it made it, well good. Luck had a lot to do with my growing procedures long ago.


Absolutely luck had a big hand. My growing was haphazard at best.

I’m really looking forward to this. I am reading everything I can these days in readiness. Been a long time since I was this serious a student :slight_smile: @Flyr.

Bob 31 asked me to tag him when I start grow journal. How do I do that? Just add your names to the bottom of first posting with the @?


You can tag someone to a post @mulegal any where you want.
Just use the @ followed by starting to type their name and a list of names will pop up.


OK thanks @Rugar89…You the fella down under with that sweet outdoor scrog going on? I am still just learning folks here. So many helpful mates


Not me.
I’m in Calif. USA


Hi ReMoLu,

I ordered on the twelfth of January, seeds were shipped 13th, arrived today, 29 Jan.

Sixteen days (including one public holiday) from Santa’s workshop at the north pole to my Antipodean Stronghold.

Hang in there, cobber - they will turn up.