Still waiting on shipment

Supposedly my seeds shipped over a week ago. I am very excited and don’t handle delays well and uncertainty. I have been reading and studying forum for tips etc and can’t wait to get things moving. The nursery is ready, lol. Impatiently waiting!!


It will be soon Daddy or Mommy, Smoke one If you have it, Take a deep berth, and Don’t look in the Mail tomorrow, It’s Sunday. LOL Hang in there Bud Soon, Soon!


I’ve had %100 success ordering from ILGM. No need to worry they will arrive👍


What country are you in? @ReMoLu and what date did they ship?

What did you order for seeds? I have ordered 4 times and never had issues receiving my seeds!


Ive gotten seeds here three times successfully and awaiting more. Once it took 12-15 days but youll be a happy camper soon.
Welcome to forum. Youve already met some great growers here are happy to help. If we are unsure of your question we’ll tag some one in with the knowledge.


Hi and thank you. Yes lots of great info here

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Welcome @ReMoLu I ordered beans, and have some on the way. I’m on the 10th business day, I expect them in about 3-4 more business days. They’ve never let me down yet. This also depends on what country you’re in. I’m in AK, USA.

Sorry @Covertgrower but your business day’s Do not line up with my business day’s… So with this in mind…
Will My weed come to be more mature faster if I move to your state?

Depends on the area… pretty remote here. @crazyots

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@ReMoLu Dont panic! Don’t count weekends just business day m-f. I order over the holidays and still only waited maybe 10 business days. I have order 3 times with 100% success each time.

@ReMoLu Are you in the US? Depends on what country you are in on how long it takes to get to you.

Yes I am in US, east coast. Thanks for the reassurance everyone. I am excited to get the growing, the forum and pics and all the awesome information on how to grow from the beginner and beyond!!


@ReMoLu. Welcome. I definitely understand your concern. Patience is not one of my better traits. I believe time slows when you’re nursery is just sitting there with nothing growing inside. Now don’t do what I did and move some of my outdoor plants into the grow room while waiting. I thought, heck, I’ve got this really cool setup and I’m ready to put it to use. Well after a couple days I noticed a bunch of little black gnats and ants everywhere. Not good. Thank goodness my order arrived a couple days later prompting me to remove all the contaminated plants and disinfect the whole interior of my 4X4 room. Patience my friend. learn from my mistake and don’t do what I did. Your order will arrive soon. Welcome to the party.

@ReMoLu, I’m right along with you waiting for my order. I expect it sometime this week. It’s my first order with ILGM and I have no doubts that they’ll do right. I sent cash and then let me know when received and then again when shipped.

I’m planning an outdoor grow here on the west coast, so plenty of time for me to get the plants started. I am really looking forward to this journey. Let us know when your order arrives.

@ReMoLu I would expect you to get those in 9-15 business days. Waiting is the hardest part… And growing is always waiting too! It’s a journey, enjoy it. It’s 90 days minimum and more like 100-120 days until harvest and drying and curing to that and … Well you get it. There is a lot of waiting!


Agreed @bob31 half the battle is learning patience
Lord knows ive need to learn a little bit myself hahahaha
@ReMoLu its an exciting time when waiting fir your beans

Beans came today!!!Yayyy


Woohoo now to get them started @ReMoLu tag me when you start a thread

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The eagle has landed @ReMoLu, now the fun starts. Good luck with your project.

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Congrats @ReMoLu.

I just checked my mailbox and Bingo! My jack herer’s have arrived.