Still waiting for seeds. (Australia)

Hey team, my order was dispatched on the 5th (Mar) and I’m getting edgy. Not because I think I’m worried about customs, but because I’m all set up and rearing to Grow/go.

What’s the average wait time for you other oz guys? I know it says 5-25 average in business days but i’m on the other side of the median of that number now. Hell id even have a smoke to take the edge off but my buddies are dry!

@Ausgrow @Sth61The420State @GreenCoat

Are all aussies and will help when they get online

That fulla @GreenCoat seems to live on this site :joy::joy::sunglasses:



They should not be dry for long, its harvest time in Australia :kangaroo: :+1:

You sound like my girlfriend… Ra Ra Ra😅


Have you got anything helpful for the question the person asked? Maybe a helpful link :joy:
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Dont stress mate if they dont arrive in 30 days let them know and they will send more. speaking from experience :+1:

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@Qanon Chill the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: out!!

Oh and you can also check this :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

:point_right:CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR ORDER:point_left:

You’ll be fine mate :wink:



We here on the forum don’t have any control over the seed deliveries we are a peer to peer learning forum
In the future please contact support threw email provided in confirmation email your received when you ordered

Here’s a link that you can use to contact them have your order number ready so they can track package

With that said I will also tag in @ILGM.Stacy
I think she can help you out

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Hi @Qanon

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your order yet. It should have arrived by this time…
Can you email (or private message) us to confirm your address for a reshipment?
We will use a different stealth packaging method for your reshipment.



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I allow 4-6 weeks before I get nervous as my first delivery was minus the street number hence 6 weeks & the other order was delivered within 4 weeks to Australia.

Mine took 2 weeks to get here to Aus. If they dont turn up within 30days something probably has gone wrong, seized by customs, order lost by AusPost who knows but i wouldn’t stress about it too much. Im sure ILGM will do the righty by you either way. And if they have been seized you will get a letter about a week or so after being seized.


All good ?

Just wondering if you got your seeds yet ?