Still Waiting for amber trichomes

I’m doing an indoor grow with White Widow autos. I planted four plants, one of which was cut down dried and cured for 3 weeks. Absolutely good bud! I thought the other 3 would be close behind, but it’s looking like they got together and decided to buck the system. The buds are nice and plump, but I really want to start a new grow. Any input would be appreciated.


I forgot to mention that I am on week 18 since germination.

Thats a gorgeous girl and she has some huge bud have you checked trichomes

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Those are some big buds. Once u check the trichs on the buds. you will know if she is ready for chop chop

I check them twice a day. Not a single amber trichome. A few weeks back my light got unplugged somehow for a couple of days. I’m wondering if that somehow affected the grow cycle.

She still would’ve been maturing. Are you just giving water?

Just getting water. They are drinking a pint every 2 days in a 5 gallon pot.

Not a white hair on them. I seldom say this but I personally might takem down myself. If no clear should be fire even without amber. Just me.


Super thick looking buds, after 18 weeks I might chop down myself.

You done good :+1:, nice work she i must say has done her final finish , she ready boss , hope you got strong hands :raised_hand:!

You may not see any amber coloured trichomes some dont go amber but if there all cloudy and no white pistols i would chop it

When in doubt take a small pinch off and try it out.