Still trying to get harvest times right

Have a GSC clone I’ve grown here looks to be doing well for the resources I have. Trying to guage when to start the flush the plant is in soil if that makes a difference, most pistilis are still white with a few light orange so that tells me it has a way to go yet, the trichs look to be largely cloudy now with a few clears and the odd orange, would I be right in guessing this plant could still have 2-3 weeks before she’s done?

Thanks for looking.


Depends on the type of smoke your after tbh, either way I would say you have every bit of a week if not two but it depends on how she finishes out. I would check everyday with the loupe and decide what kind of smoke your looking for and harvest based on that. Good luck and they look great so far!


Looks a little closer to done than 2 or 3 weeks to me. Are the white pistils you see from foxtailing? Foxtailing is fairly common. I cut them off. It seems that may be the case based on your trichs, which are either done or almost done, depending on what you are looking for.


Nice plant also pictures nice and clear, I definitely would not feed anymore just go with water you’re at that point watch your crystals closely lot can happen in a week to 10 days. As mentioned depending on what you’re looking for you getting close.


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Thanks guys I think I’ll start flushing from today, I don’t want too much body stone I generally use it to help me sleep and usually prefer a chilled wind down rather than couch lock.

Foxtailing could be what’s going on I’m not too clued up in that respect but they are definitely new pistilis rather than old ones.

Its done OK considering it was largely grown outdoors in the climate I live in, can’t wait for next summer now to start again.


Really all depends on what u like, I love the energy side, I’ll harvest when u see amber trics just starting, u like a lil couch lock effect get a more amber.
Sorry refreshed an already answered you


Awesome plant !

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I am a first time grower but all the research I have done this is the best way to tell if it is harvest time