Still struggling with 1st grow with happy frog

It doesn’t show well but im seeing some yellowing at the center of some of the top leaves which seems like nitrogen deficiency but it also has some brown tips…

Back story, I just recently straightened out my ph problem. I used a very diluted solution of mg 18 18 21… I know, I know. I’ve stopped doing that. I have flower fuel 1 34 32.

I was under the impression happy frog had pretty much everything it needs for 6 weeks… now I read it has no amendments and needs nutrients.

It’s 100% FF Happy frog, under 1000w sodium light.

They were given 7.3 ph water for most of their lives.

They 3 bigger are 5 weeks 5 days, the smaller one is 2 weeks behind.

I know what I’m doing for next grow, im just not sure how to save these… do I need FF nutrients and start with a very diluted strength according to their schedule.

It definitely seems like lack of nitrogen but the new leaves grow with flowers look strange ,skinny, twisting

There are 2 gorilla glue and girlscout

Left front and right back are gorilla. Opposite corners are girlscout


FFOF has nutes for 5-8 weeks
FFHP has nutes for 2-4 weeks

The pale green you’re seeing at the top of your plant is just fast growing leaves.
The plant is growing faster than it can product chlorophyll. If they darken in the next
few days it’s just as I stated. If you were suffering a deficiency of nitrogen, it would start
at the bottom and work it’s way up.

Your watering PH is a little high which might start causing issues. You want to aim for
6.3-6.8ph with waterings and feedings.


What are the ppms? The skinny leaves look like overwatering, light to close and too hot or Nitrogen toxicity to me. PH should be around 6.5 - 6.8 as noted. Lower means lockout. try turning off your light and using your camera flash for a better picture.


Thank you, I have my ph under control now, at least what I’m adding. Its between 6.3 and 6.5. I had been ph’ing it but I was letting it set and it was returning to 7.3 ugh


Ppm of tap is 228 without any nutes

L try to get a picture later today with the lights off. It could be overwatering because i really flushed it this last time i realized my ph was still wrong

Yes your ph will rise. You can’t ph ahead of time. Your nutrients and your soil will also change your ph. Always add your nutrients first then check your ph and adjust accordingly. The best way to find out what your plants are growing in is to check the water run-off after you water. Because the soil can and will buffer your ph. You can be putting in water at 6.5 but coming out at 6.0 because the soil buffers it. Happens to me all the time. So sometimes you have to water at 7.0 or higher to get a 6.5 reading at runoff.

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Looking for advice on my first grow. Growing in coco coir, currently at week 4 of veg from clones, what seems to be the issue ?, 5 of my plants are a lot thinner than others

I’m a dirt grower so I’m lost on coco.
The rules just aren’t the same.

I did that once with the soil straight from the bag, it stayed at 6.5 Would that be different now? Do people test their runoff everytime to determine what ph water to use?

You may consider starting a new topic to get more responses

If it is coming out at 6.5 you are great. Yes, most pro growers do. That is the best way to read your PH. Always. find out what you ppm’s are at run off as well. Very important.

I agree. @cse1995 . Please create your own thread. These recomendations do not apply to a Coco coir grow at all.

I’m unsure what ppm should read. I have the meter. I was planning next grow to use FF Happy frog trio nutrients according to schedule (I still have more HF) at 1/4 strength. That’s where I see ppm recommendation. But isn’t that’s what’s achieved by adding the scheduled nutes? At my tap im at around 228ppm before anything. My Brita filter reduces by half, but not effective for 5 plants lol

Another question, lol… if FF Happy frog is good on nutes for 2-4 weeks do I follow the trio schedule which starts a week 1… I guess I would since it’s their stuff

Also, I noticed the chart i have here is for photosensitive im growing autos

I do not know about FF nutrients. I use FF Hf soil myself though. This is the chart i use and have used for 3 years. It seems to me that the ppms are quite high in their charts. in flowering i try to keep my ppms around 1000 - 1200. If they get higher i flush. this is the chart i go by from Bergmans Lab.Although it says 5.8 - 6.5 for ph. i disregard that and always try and keep my ph around 6.5 - 6.8. Here is a ph chart that i use as well.
I understand that chart is provided by FF makers. But every situation is different. You cantell/see if your plant is sick just by looking at it. As you have. Thats when you have to make the right adjustments. Thats comes with experience and trial and error.

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To answer your 2nd question. FF soil is fairly hot. I do not use any nutrient until around the 5th week or later. Depending on my ppms. When the plant is big enough to water to runoff i check the ppms and determine from there. If it’s below 500ppm i usually add half the amount of fertilizer recomended. again, at that point you have to be careful, because adding nutrients can change your ph. Nutes will lower your ph and the plant will get locked out. It’s a learning curve for sure. But you will get it.

Thanks for taking the time to help and explain so much. I do hope to figure this out lol…

I didn’t realize to measure ppm from runoff… it’s the little things that matter

I still hope to post more pics

Thanks again

Yes, your runoff tells you what your plants are eating. Best of luck.

I’m sorry, but one last question on your process…

You water until runoff… make your readings from the runoff, then adjust for next watering/feeding?

I swear ill quit bugging you for awhile after this lol