Still only Cotyledons after almost a week?

Hi guys, I’ve sprouted a few seeds by now (Although only one has made it very far lol), but I don’t think this guy is on a good track.

So, I put it in a rapid rooter on Wed of last week, then had to leave, so I popped it in it’s pot and placed it in my grow box.
I watered the pot on Fri before leaving.

Tues I cam back and it had popped up, although it was still small.

Now, it doesn’t look much bigger than it did Tues, and most other sprouts I got had already shown more growth.

It is a White Widow Auto…

Should I start germing another seed? lol

I see tiny little leafs forming relax these things take time

Ok, will do.
I was just basing it off the cupple of other seeds I’ve popped.

I wasn’t sure if it was really normal for it to still be this size at 5 days or so.

every seed and every strain is different sometimes slow starters make best finishers

The initial growth is in the roots below the soil, then in a week or ten days or sometimes longer you’ll notice a growth spurt in the plant


So, how much longer would it be before you might consider germinating another seed to take it’s spot if it doesn’t pick up?